Sunday, June 16, 2019

Several writing exercises Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Several writing exercises - Essay Exampled to the accrual of wealth, it suggests a life against nature wealth, according to Aristotle, is only a means to close tothing else it has no meaning as a self-sufficient goal. Man finds happiness in the performance of his/her human craft. Happiness is the energy, movement, action, and force of the activity of the soul in the implementation of a virtue, performed in ones life until the end, and in conformation with reason (logos). Perfection, according to Aristotle, is a practical implementation of ones purpose in life, providing people with both successes and failures. It is a way of self-affirmation in the incline of external circumstances. In the second book, Aristotle gives the definition of virtue. Aristotle considers virtue as an inner moral perfection, which became part of the habit. Its culmination is manifested in the activities of the upper part of the irrational soul, encompassing of desires, but restrained by reason. It is a p erfection of a reasonable desire, i.e. virtue manifests itself in human ability to adapt to different situations.2. Certainly, ethics has a special meaning for me, because I am convinced that it is necessary for each person for his/her harmonious coexistence with other people. Lack of ethics can lead to the yield of social equilibrium, because ethics defines a respectful, honest and fair cooperation between people. The main importance belongs to applied ethics, which can be defined as an ethics that draws upon estimable theory in order to ask what a person is obligated to do in some very specific situation, or within some particular domain of action (such as business) (Ethics). Ethics, including applied ethics, have several sources. In particular, parents can be seen as one of the first sources of ethical education. Parents give the basics of ethical conduct, which is guided by the knowledge of the differences between good and bad deeds. However, parents are not the only source o f ethical education. work ethics plays

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