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A personal experience on a vaction trip to paris,france Essay

A personal experience on a vaction trip to paris,france - Essay Example I was really excited to see the Eiffel Tower because I had read many stories about it. â€Å"The Eiffel Tower is the symbol of Paris and likely the most recognizable landmark of the city. It was built by Gustave Eiffel for the World Exhibition of 1889 and it was never meant to be a permanent addition to the citys skyline. Initially, the artists and writers of Paris expressed their strong disapproval regarding to the tower, but later generations commended it. The figures are impressive (like the fact that it weighs 7000 tons) but forget about them and try to enjoy the sight.† (Places to Visit in France) After visiting the Eiffel Tower I wanted to see Sainte-Chapelle. Many people believe that it is the gateway to heaven, I have read so many true stories about the uniqueness of this church, it sounded so special, and I decided that I had to see it for myself. I was very impressed, the church was exceptionally beautiful, I had seen many churches earlier in my life but, indubitably, this one was special and really beautiful. After visiting the beautiful church I headed towards the museum in Paris. This was on the top of my must see places so I headed straight towards fulfilling my wish. The museum had a great collection; it had some rare coins, transcripts and so on. These things were very rare and this was, perhaps, why they were locked inside a museum. The entry inside the museum was not free, but it was not too expensive and going to the museum in France was a one of kind experience. Notre Dame Cathedral was my next destination. This cathedral is very famous for its gothic architecture and this is exactly why I decided to see it and it was certainly not a letdown. This cathedral is located in the heart of the city and several tourists visit it day in, day out. I decided to relax; and what is a better place to relax than the Luxembourg Gardens? Several tourists go to these gardens regularly in order to relax and find

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Virtual Reality Internship Reflection

Virtual Reality Internship Reflection Executive summary about Internship/abstract: Spoketech is Chicago based company founded in 2005 focused on helping businesses realize their vision. Our team has a solid experience in IT strategy and technology solutions. Its a small consulting firm and fortunately they started working on VR(Virtual Reality) environment. I got interviewed by showing them my portfolio of my previous work I done in Unity Engine. So I had the opportunity to work with them on this quarter for past 9 weeks. The company had all the resources for working on virtual reality stating from the software to hardware everything are cutting edge technology. I was allowed to work on high end software such a Unity, Maya, and Photoshop. I got introduced to agile development methodologies. I proved a valuable resource throughout this quarter by expressing my effectiveness and providing there necessary requirements developing the product. Detailed Description Responsibilities Goals/Objectives: At SpokeTech Inc, I was assigned to work in Virtual Reality one of their own products in collaboration with Amazon cloud services. I worked in the Maya and Unity part. The team wants me to build the 3D model and import to Unity and already there is a test model was built to test in the VR environment. So this a cloud based service, before I joined they already started working on cloud services. I was assigned to the task to build 3D models with low poly count so that they can upload to the cloud and download into Unity engine to make their product. I taught myself to design Maya and went through different websites and watched educational YouTube videos and designed a lot of prototype model and communicated with the team to build a perfect 3D model. To complete the task efficiently I used the already test build model blue print to design the 3D model. In the end the model came what was we expected. Also, I was involved in VR scripting related work. The project was done using C# language because the unity engine supports JavaScript and C#. I found that C# is easy for me as I learnt it before when I took a class in DePaul last winter quarter. I created simple interactive UI scripts as front end work for the project which everything was done in Unity engine. Apart from that I was introduced into Agile Methodology; I have learnt the principles for software development under which the requirements and solutions evolve through the collaborative effort of self-organized cross-functional teams. I had to join a website called Trello and to work with the team and get a exposure of Agile Methodology. Also I voluntarily involved myself in photoshop,I can create texture for the models I made. So I had download HD quality images from the Google then I used Photoshop to edit and applied to the modes in Maya as UV mapping. Internship was with the SpokeTech Inc was from January 11th to March 16th. 9 weeks I have spent. Most of the conversations done through Skype meeting. I had to visit them on occasions. I mentioned what I did for every week below: 1st week Modeling 2nd week Modeling 3rd week Importing everything to unity 3D(Fixing up the meshes) and models 4th week-Programming in C# 5th week -Photoshop 6th Week- Programming in C# 7th Week- Modeling 8th Week- Programming in Unity3D 9th Week Programming in Unity 3D Major Tasks accomplished: Tasks accomplished are creating 3d models, Created simple scripts based on the supervisor requirements. Uploaded the 3D models into the Amazon cloud and downloaded successfully using unity engine where every code was written using C#. Skills That I learned on the job: I was introduced to agile methodology and C# scripting, I learn a lot about penetration testing with my peer during my Internship. Also, I learn about unity and UV Mapping in Maya. Apart from that I was introduced to Amazon Cloud services to upload the Asset bundle from the unity to cloud and retrieve back from the cloud. Everything was coded in C#. I improved a lot in my communication and other soft skills. How your education at DePaul helped you at your internship: The courses that I took at DePaul really helped me prepare for the Internship. The course SE456 (Architecture of games) helped me scripting C# and I have learned about design patterns. That helped me to write code efficiently. I was working on the Unity 3D which is a game engine tool which supports C# scripting so this course helped me in a lot of different aspects. Apart from that I already learnt Maya in the free time that also provided me great help for designing the Models requested in the company. Apart from this knowledge I gained in DePaul University really helped me throughout the Internship. Also took Optimized C++(CSC461) on last year fall quarter. The subject is helpful for me to work on creating a own simple shader code like phong shading. Conclusion: This internship is the stepping-stone for my career. I have met a lot of intelligent people in the firm throughout my internship. I have gained in-depth knowledge Unity VR platform, development from scratch. I have learned to test the code using agile software development process. I also gained a better understanding of how to establish communication with the employer within SpokeTech organization effectively. The dedication and passion I got from the company have made me a lasting impression, and I Feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to work in such an environment.

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Top 10 malware of 2004 :: essays research papers

The top 10 malware threats of 2004 as taken from McAfee and defined by Symantec are as followed: Adware-180, Adware-Gator, Exploit-ByteVerify, Exploit-MhtRedir, JS/Noclose, W32/Bagle, W32/Mydoom, W32/Netsky, W32/Sasser, W32/Sdbot (family including sdbot, gaobot, polybot, spybot). The majority of these threats enter into our system under a different alias’ or by hitching a ride on programs we download online.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Adware-180 is a spybot that monitors the activity its infectee’s do while online. This program will open up affliated sites when it sees a certain keyword while searching online. When adware-180 is downloaded it creates a name for itself in the Microsoft registry, this registry then can fix itself it only partial parts of the adware are removed.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Adware-Gator is one that I am ooooh to familiar with. This adware drives me crazy! I will be searching online and all of a sudden down by my time and date a little box will pop up giving me alternative vacation prices or prescription prices. Gator (or gain as it says in my registry) gets downloaded onto the computer either manually or by sneaking itself in with another download. With this adware on the hard drive it allows websites to upload their content to your computer without your knowledge enabling them to display advertisements at the strangest times.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Exploit-MhtRedir is a file that is considered â€Å"a malicious website to download and execute programs on your computer†. It’s file type is a Trojan horse, which disguises itself in order to promote unwanted HTML on your computer. This Trojan only affects Microsoft internet explorer.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  W32/Mydoom comes in an assortment of different subcategories ranging from category 1 to 2. The majority of the Mydoom worms are a category 2. The mass mailing worm that uses its own smtp to send emails to people listed on the infected computers. It allows unauthorized remote access. Once it finds the addresses of people it sends itself in attachments that say things like read the following attachment, please confirm, please read immediately etc.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  W32/Sasser is one I think we all remember hearing about. This one gets onto your computer and scans IP addresses to find vulnerable computers. It’s wild threat is medium, the damage it causes is low but the distribution level of this worm is very high. The main threat of this worm is the fact that even though it is unable to infect Windows 95/98/ME it does take up a lot of space making it difficult for such programs as the Symantec removal tool to run.

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Authoritarian Government for the Philippines

Closing Government, Rebuttal research Motion: â€Å"This house believes that an authoritarian government will help the Philippines progress. † I. Expected Argument â€Å"The form of government doesn’t matter and the progress of the country will depend on the kind of leader we have as a president. † II. Counter-Argument â€Å"Unlike in other forms of the government, the authoritarian form of government allows us to make a standard to what kind of leader is best for our country. † III. Explanation Since the authoritarian government aims for a person single-handedly leading our country, all citizens must adhere and go by the ideals set by the leader himself. The only time the country will be in chaos during an authoritarian regime is when the citizens don’t agree with the leader. This can be solved by a very strict criteria and standard of what kind of leader our president should be. The standards can be ranged from what kind of school he graduated from, to experiences in leadership. Being a leader of a country is not simply a face who everybody recognizes from television or somebody who bribes and cheats his way into position. Setting a standard is faster and more possible when we have an authoritarian government. Other governments have to be associated and linked with â€Å"freedom†, and so it is rarely possible to set a specific standard for electing a president because they promote independence and freedom of whomever wants to be a president. It is most likely that there could be an unsuitable leader that is elected to be president in a democratic form of government (because it is â€Å"everybody’s ball game†, quoted from my father) – that is the reason why until now, Filipinos are still protesting about our presidents and how they do not do anything to solve our problems. When we have a proper judgement of who to elect leader, we can have a more disciplined nation, economy follows right after because when we have a leader with one single vision to improve on our problems, the processes can be faster. The standard set can reflect how much our president can help us with our economy. Stocks can go higher, we can export more high priority local goods, and we can improve on our nationalism at the same time. We have to put our electoral nominees to the test so that we can have a more progressive country in terms of economy. IV. Examples In a smaller scale, the application of an authoritarian government can be associated with how one runs a company with the president as the CEO, and the different local governments in our country as the different departments in an office building. In a publicly owned company, the CEO must be a good role model to his employees in order to make them do their job properly. The CEO must provide the needs of the employees and in turn, the employees give their hard work and talent in their business. Trust is therefore developed and it makes running the business flow easily. When people choose a CEO, they do not just choose out of a whim. They pick people who are trained specially for the position and they have a guideline on who to assign the position of CEO or any other big name in a company. Effective CEOs are those who amidst crisis, can still maintain the stock prices and make them the same amount as every normal day. However, when they appoint a bad CEO, it can be seen when the stocks drop low for about 40 to 50% even when there is no serious problem. In that case, he should really be ousted. Singapore, having an authoritarian government led by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, has an economy relatively corruption free and has one of the highest GDPs (Gross Domestic Products) in the world. It would not have been possible to have such a successful economy if not for such a qualified Prime Minister for their country. I believe that it is possible for it to happen in our country, the Philippines, as long as we have a specific guideline and criteria in nomitating and electing our country’s leader. V. Sources 1) â€Å"Country Rankings. † (accessed January 20, 2012) http://www. heritage. org/index/Ranking. aspx 2) Huff, W. G. â€Å"Cambridge Journal of Economics. † (accessed January 23, 2012) http://cje. oxfordjournals. org/content/19/6/735. abstract

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Black Men and Public Spaces Essay

In â€Å"Black Men and Public Spaces† Brent Staples reveals his experiences with different individuos in all kind of public areas. Staples talk about how people stereotype black men as a violent and dangerous individuals because of their appearance and the color of their skin. In the past when black men was associated with the word murderer or thieves or rapist or all kind of bad things people were afraid on being next to them. When Staples started the story saying â€Å"My first victim was a woman† and he specify (white) make it seems like he wasn’t the victim of this woman when he follows saying â€Å"After a few more glimpses, she picked up her pace and was soon running in earnest.† What the narrator is doing is letting know that people shouldn’t judge because of the others appearances. In the whole story Staples is leaving the clear concept of people will always see black men as a threat because of his race. The sad part is that the narrator is not saying that this happen long time ago is just like a decade ago when he mention about studying at the University of Chicago and then moved to New York. It make it seems that no matter when or where black men being dangerous or being involved in criminal activity does not leave the world’s general schema, people still see black men related to the word dangerous.The title is ironic because public space is supposedly available to everyone but, socially speaking, that does not appear to be that way for black men, even in today’s society. Staples demonstrates his struggle for acceptances from people whom are scared of him. He goes on to say that he now takes precautions to avoid situations he has experienced. He now whistles melodies from Beethoven and Vivaldi when he takes walks at night because no one will assume a mugger knows classical music. Instead of people crossing to the other side of the street, he’ll keep his distance from those that may seem skittish of him. It seems that he does all this just to fit in to society. None of this will change the way black men are stereotyped. I was walking with my daughter one night around seven pm., and crossing the  street inside the parking lot mall this black woman was speeding like she was on the outside streets, We were slow walking on the street to reach our car and she got so angry and get out of her car and approach to me with the intention clear of fight me, she was a very heavy black young woman maybe on her middle twenties, she was screaming at my face â€Å"Do you have a problem with me?† I said many time no I don’t please leave me alone but my daughter who was fourteen by that time and to innocent of the danger we were on, told her â€Å"You shouldn’t be speeding inside the parking lot and talking on the phone† that was enough to her to start beating up my daughter. This was a really nasty experience that we will never want to repeat and since then we try to avoid on many ways to confront a black person. We call 911 and the police man who came was a black police who said this words â€Å"For people like that woman is that we have bad reputation† I think no matter when or where and no matter the race or color we need to be careful on how to conduct ourselves at public spaces. Stereotypes affect individuals regardless of race, sex, or religion. The narrator tell many time he was mistaken as a criminal for being black and six feet two inches tall with a beard and billowing hair, when he enter to the jewelry and the proprietor excuse himself just to get his enormous red Doberman Pinscher and he has to leave, or when he was mistaking as a reporter for the killer, police officers hauled him from his car at gunpoint. Black men on public space will continue to experience these situations. We cannot change the way people think and judge. Unfortunately the majority of black men, who are criminals, will continue to give a bad reputation for those that are not. We live in a world where we have to be in high alert to maintain unharmed. There’s no reason for anyone to feel the obligation or need to act a certain way so those that are judging them can feel a sense of security, the way Brent Staples did. As long as you know you’re not that type of person, you cannot let someone’s judgment stop you from succeeding and proving that you are not a statistic.

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See Order Instructions Example

See Order Instructions Example See Order Instructions – Coursework Example RESPONSE TO THE POST Critical analysis of the opinion explores the significance of journals to nursing professionals. It is worth noting that this discussion is relevant to the contemporary need for evidence based nursing. Besides, increasing campaign for quality healthcare compel nurses to remain updated through regular journals review. In this case, the mentioned journal is key in offering multidimensional information for nursing practice (Meleis, 2007). The idea expressed in the post emphasizes the need for practical aspect of nursing rather than theoretical knowledge. It is worth to note that the society is undergoing significant restructuring in which the health risks are rising. In this respect, it is important to underscore the application of journals in addressing information gap that faces nurses. This post also points out the centrality of study sample in generating the cause-effect relationship for the observed changes in the nursing field. The nurses must work on evidence which can only be ascertained from a sound sampling technique and refined qualitative and quantitative analysis. The article highlighted in the post serves as a critical example of how journals can guide in offering solution to different medical conditions. In respect of this post, it can be ascertained that evidence based nursing is considered an essential aspect of healthcare provision and professional practice (Meleis, 2007). The statement of the post asserts the need for regular access to journals among nurses to expand their knowledge on diverse situations and conditions in their efforts to deliver quality services.It can be concluded that the writer’s opinion is acceptable and consistent with the societal expectation as far as quality healthcare provision and knowledge of the nurses is concerned.ReferenceMeleis, A. I. (2007). Theoretical nursing: Development and progress. Philadelphia, Pa: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.

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Summer Vacation essays

Summer Vacation essays When an author writes a story, the way he chooses to narrate it can affect the way a reader views it. In the book Summer Vacation by Christopher Wolfberg there is a 16 year-old boy named Jack Sosco, who narrates the story. Jack lives in Phoenix Arizona, and does not have many friends. Jack has a low self-esteem and is always finding things wrong with anything that happens. One summer Jack and his family decide to go vacation. Jack complains but his mom and dad make him go. It wasnt anywhere far just a place to get away for a little while. The fact that Jack tells the story makes me look at it in a different way. Jack was always questioning things and dint let any one mess around with him. His parents were the total opposite of Jack. His mother and father were very nice people with many friends. His mother was on the school board and his father helped out the shelter in a town near by on Friday nights and Sunday mornings. Jack kept saying through out the book that he wished that he lived alone and the way he wants to but realized in the end that he has to think about other people rather then himself. Jack told the story in a kind of negative way in that nothing was good enough for him. It made me think of things differently in the book. When he was in the car he would say all about how bad the ride was and that he wants to go home when it was a half hour drive. Also when the car had a flat tire and he had to help his dad change in on a very hot day. In another way was when one morning he woke up in the hotel room and his mom and his dad went out sight seeing with out him. Jack tried to act like he didnt care and sight seeing was stupid but in fact he was a little upset. If his mom would of told the story she would have had a better perspective of things around them, because that was the kind of person she was. It made me look at the whole book and question things that Jack did other then compl...

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Three Tips to Six-Figure Freelancing Today

Three Tips to Six-Figure Freelancing Today They’re all over the Internet articles with titles blazing YOU CAN MAKE SIX FIGURES FREELANCING, JUST SIT AT HOME IN YOUR PJ’S! Most people, to be frank, hate their jobs. According to a 2012 survey I started freelance writing in 2002, back in the â€Å"good old days,† before the housing bubble bust, the collapse of Goldman Sachs, and the mainstreaming of food stamps. I sit at home in jeans instead of pajamas, but in the last ten years, I’ve managed to earn six figures for at least three of those years. My articles have appeared in everything from Women’s eNews to The Writer, and I occasionally write for businesses and nonprofits (yes, more money!) This article will show you three ways you can start earning six figures today. Tip #1: Set a goal of 30 queries in 30 days This first tip isn’t actually my idea. I gleaned it from my writing colleague, Indian freelance journalist Mridu Khullar Relph. Recently, Relph made a challenge to her fellow freelancers: jot down a list of your â€Å"dream† markets, such as National Geographic and The New Yorker. Go online, find the contact info of the appropriate editors, and write a query for each of the 30 markets you want to be published in. Send out a query every day in the month of May. I would add that, if you want to approach six figures quicker, make sure that each market pays $1 per word and up. If fifteen magazines and newspapers accept your queries, and you write fifteen 500-word articles at $1 per word, you’ll make $7500 in the month of May. How nice is that? Tip #2: Learn how to over-research When I first started to write articles, I interviewed sources, wrote about their experiences or expertise, and got my pieces published without a thought about re-slanting. Now I realize that over-researching, or gathering more information than you need for one article, is at the heart of a successful freelance career. It certainly makes future queries look more professional. When you add quotes or anecdotes from prior research into your pitches, editors know that you’re familiar with your topic, and won’t go AWOL when the article’s at deadline. Over-researching also makes writing articles easier. You have information from other pieces, and you spend less time in the library and interviewing, and more time writing. You get paid for words not for surfing the Web trying to find stats.      Tip #3: Write the article that the editor MUST have Think six months ahead. What’s the holiday that your potential market covers? Pitch an idea about that holiday an unusual idea. Just as specialist physicians, to paraphrase the comic Milton Berle, have small practices and big houses, focusing on a seasonal topic can unlock monetary doors. For example, if you want to pitch Christmas articles to a parenting magazine, first brainstorm ideas refusing to censor yourself. Sometimes, even the most bizarre ideas become published articles. It’s not about what you think is the right idea, it’s about what the editor must have in her particular edition. If you consistently give the editor what she must have, you’re on your way to a hefty income. Even in this era of high unemployment and job dissatisfaction, people continue to enter their home offices, and make six figures doing what they love. I’m one of them. Are you ready to realize your potential? Oftentimes, it’s as simple as logging on in your pj’s.

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How did Hume reconcile the idea of a universal Standard of Taste with Essay

How did Hume reconcile the idea of a universal Standard of Taste with the diversity of actual taste that he observes What objec - Essay Example Since people have different ways of appreciating the beauty of visual arts, it is necessary on the part of the acedemic world to take a closer look on how â€Å"taste† can affect how each person will perceive the quality of visual arts. David Hume is one of the famous philosophers of Enlightenment1, 2. Specifically Hume has a unique way of expressing his own opinion with regards to the universal standard of taste. To give the readers a better understanding of this subject matter, this study will first discuss Hume’s idea with regards to the standard of taste. After analyzing how Hume was able to reconcile the idea of a universal standard of taste with the diversity of actual taste that he observed, this study will identify and thoroughly discussed several objections which may arise out of his arguments. Hume’s Idea with Regards to the Standard of Taste The standard of taste is heavily based on people’s nature. Given that a group of people share the same in terests, it means that they have the same standard of taste. When it comes to artworks, Hume argued that there will always be a group of people who will be contented and not contented with the quality of artwork they see in front of them and that only time can really tell whether or not the piece of artwork would still outstand other similar types of artistic crafts3, 4. In Hume’s writings on the standard of taste, he tackled the issue with regards to the essential differences between artistic â€Å"facts† and â€Å"artistic sentiments†5, 6, 7 In line with this, Hume mentioned that judgement based on sentiments does not contain the truth behind the real value of artworks. Given that each person’s artistic taste is totally different from that of another person, Hume’s argument that ‘judgement based on sentiments does not contain the truth behind the real value of artworks’ seems to be based on facts8. Since people’s judgement on artworks are mostly â€Å"subjective’ and based on â€Å"pleasure†9, 10, Hume took the position that most of the judgements based on taste are not only illogical but also ridiculous11, 12. According to Hume, the two (2) main sources of such sentiment is highly based on either the personal disposition of each person or the moral differences which may arise out of each person’s cultural differences13, 14. In line with this, Hume’s concept of personal disposition in the standard of taste means that each individual has their own taste or preferences when it comes to artistic works. On the other hand, Hume’s idea of moral differences in the standard of taste means that the moral beliefs of each person can significantly affect their aesthetic subjectivism when it comes to the process of judging a piece of artwork. With regards to the cultural differences of each person, Hume mentioned that each type of culture will have a unique set of customs that can affect the way people perceive the same piece of artwork15. For this reason, the presence of cultural differences alone should be considered as one of the most significant factor that can make a highly competitive judge to be prejudice when it comes to judging a good piece of artwork16. On top of these two (2) major factors that could affect each person’s judgement based on sentiments, Hume mentioned that each piece of artwork has its own unique beauty that can easily attract a group of people17, 18, 19. There are quite a lot of factors that can affect a person’

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Does society still marginalize women to the point that they are seen Essay

Does society still marginalize women to the point that they are seen as mere housewives - Essay Example As seen in the research conducted by Brady, it is arguable that the society has continually demeaned the woman in various ways (1-2). In the work, Brady explains how men are chauvinistic and prejudiced in their approach to women. This results from the man’s efforts to make sure that the woman is made a wife by giving her all the responsibilities within the home, as well as fulfill the needs of the man. It is astonishing how the woman is expected to work, and send her husband to school and still take care of the children while the husband is in school (Brady 1-2). In this case one can easily tell that the life of the woman revolves around caring for the man and all his needs as opposed to her own needs. The men aim at to improving their education statuses which will ultimately see to their economic empowerment as the women stay at home. This aspect is indeed discriminatory and continues to contain the woman within the household acting as a housewife. Similarly, the same sentiments are shared by the film, Damsel in Distress part 1, that gives the impression that women are extremely passive and cannot do anything on their own. The film continues to explain how women always wait for their male counterparts to rescue them in different contexts (Damsel in Distress part 1). Does this mean that the women cannot outdo their male counterparts? Is the notion of the woman being passive valid? These thoughts add to Brady’s thoughts that the society is continually working towards making the women mere housewives. Correspondingly, the work of Kathleen Deveny validates the thesis that the society continually treats women as mere housewives. In her work, Deveny explains how the women are expected to behave in the society using a real example of the soccer game (24). The game has been described as one that should not be linked with women in any way. Women who are

The Universe Next Door Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

The Universe Next Door - Assignment Example The main question from the worldview to each individual is how do you view or see the world? In understanding worldview, therefore, there are beliefs and patterns taken by various people so as to try and explain these challenging phenomena. Some of them include the religious worldview, with the majority being the Christian worldview, scientific worldview, political worldview, culture and many different sub-categories in which one may decide to view the world, including relationships and business. In summary, the worldview can be seen as the conception of the world that is comprehensive from a particular standpoint (Holmes 5). My personal world view is Christian worldview. My personal beliefs and experiences have made me decide that the Christian worldview explains and makes me understand challenging phenomena in the world. In supporting the Christian worldview, there are various terms that have to be understood. The changing patterns and ways of life and the world at large are consid ered worldview according to personal assertion and observation. Christian worldview tries to explain this changing pattern hence making it is easy for me to understand and explain various things in my environment. It is important to understand the terms like reality, ignorance and informed view when trying to explain the Christian Worldview perspective. The reality of the world is usually expressed by the patterns affecting one’s daily life, people, therefore, develop beliefs and faith. Ignorance is taken to be the lack of knowledge or idea about something but has always been not accepted as an excuse for not understanding and judging what is right or wrong. Many people are ignorant since they do not have an informed view of what life is all about. People of this caliber live without goals, ambitions, visions, and dreams. An informed view can easily be acquired by gaining knowledge through relevant institutions such as schools. Such a view is further boosted by acquiring expe rience through day-to-day life. Whereas some of the worldview according to some people might have been acquired through learning, some can also achieve this knowledge through inheritance. The Christian worldview is composed of a culture passed down from one generation to another. The Christian worldview is based on what can be perceived to be normal, moral and logic. In reality, whatever one believes in is always true according to the context and the environment, but this is not always true in every places or instance (Walsh & Middleton 32). I find the Christian worldview to be true to the environment and the context of humanity. Personality towards worldview involves the ability to sense, think, know, and act to a specific reaction.  

The Sonnet Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

The Sonnet - Essay Example . A line of poetry that repeatedly uses an unstressed syllable followed by a stressed syllable is called an iambic line. (Harrison, 68) The basic form of traditional Italian sonnets was different from the English or Shakespearean sonnet. â€Å"The Italian sonnet has two parts: an eight-line stanza called an octave and a six-line stanza called a sestet.† (Elizabeth and Hamilton, 263) However, its British originators introduced other elements related to human lives as well, and this required the traditional form of the sonnet to evolve accordingly. Consequently, the form of the sonnet changed to interweave multiple themes, for instance, in Sonnet 18, the principal themes are: beauty, life, death and eternity; while each theme is dealt in distinct quartos in a different way. This Sonnet like other Shakespearean sonnets has 14 lines in iambic pentameter, which are divided into three quatrains, followed by a couplet. The different parts of Sonnet 18 cater to different stages of the development and transition of thought or the central idea of the poem. In the first quarto of Sonnet 18, the poet introduces an object of comparison ‘summer’s day’ with his beloved’s beauty and analyzes different perspectives of this comparison. The use of comparatives like ‘more lovely and more temperate’ (2) and superlatives like ‘too short’ (4) enhance the comparison between the beauty of the poet’s beloved and the summer’s day. Hence, a summer’s day acts as a stimulant for the poet that becomes so inspired by its beauty that he deems it fit to be compared with his beloved’s beauty. However, once he begins to compare their beauties, he realizes that his beloved exalts in so many ways. The idea continues to develop in the second quarto where the emphasis switches from beauty to glory of a summer’s day. According to the poet, some days might be brighter than others,

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Lynching Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Lynching - Essay Example And on that same day, residents claim that one of the thieves was captured and was set on fire resulting to the act of public lynching. Residents did this brutal act of public lynching because police didn’t give them enough protection and that the residents claimed justice into their own hands. Residents claim that the police in their community are corrupt and would not protect them if there was no corresponding amount of money involved. The residents protested and didn’t report to their work the following day. They have invited the police in their town to have a meeting and to settle the issue between the police and the community. During the meeting the residents demanded that the police protection in their community should be improved, that the stolen goods should be returned to its owners once the thief that was set on fire discharges out of the hospital, that the police stationed in their community are changed and that the robbers named â€Å"banda† will be e victed in Villa Pagador. After the burning on one of the robbers, the residents were labeled by the police and the media as savages. The residents had a furious reaction to this because they were the ones who were robbed and that they only took justice in their own hands because there was no way they could depend on the police as stated above, and now they are the ones being projected as dreadful people. Residents claim that the police in their community are being paid by the â€Å"banda† to give way on the robbery operations, that’s why the residents wanted to change the set of police in their community. These are the driving forces that lie behind the quest for visibility on the part of Villa Pagador residents. The residents in Villa Pagador are trying to achieve legitimate police protection and to change their image as savages. That’s why they showed there way of protesting through public lynching

Superior Grain Inc Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Superior Grain Inc - Essay Example describe the assumptions and methods used (3 pts) Somewhat describes assumptions and methods used (7 pts) Substantially describes assumptions and methods used (8 pts) Effectively describes assumptions and methods used (10 pts) Calculate statistics using a spreadsheet Does not calculate appropriate statistics using a spreadsheet and/or does not provide evidence of calculations (0 pt) Calculates appropriate statistics using a spreadsheet (most answers are not correct) (13 pts) Calculates appropriate statistics using a spreadsheet (not all answers are correct) (21 pts) Calculates appropriate statistics using a spreadsheet (most answers are correct) (25 pts) Effectively calculates statistics using a spreadsheet (almost all answers are correct) (30 pts) Explain implications of output of statistical analysis Does not explain implications of output of statistical analysis (0 pt) Partially explains implications of output of statistical analysis (3pts) Somewhat explains implications of output of statistical analysis (7 pts) Substantially explains implications of output of statistical analysis (8 pts) Effectively explains implications of output of statistical analysis (10 pts) . . . continued . . . TITLE OF RUBRIC: Case Analysis, cont. (Page 2 of 2) Course: QNT 5040 LEARNING OUTCOME/S: (see syllabus) Date: 02.15. 2013 PURPOSE: To facilitate effective decision making under uncertain conditions by quantifying risk. Name of Student: Kelly Espinosa, Diana De Castro, Elsa Santos, Marie Jean, Lesan Thomas, Courtney Waite VALIDITY: Best practices in Monte Carlo simulation. Name of Faculty: Nova Southeastern University COMPANION DOCUMENTS: Assignment and format instructions, Case Earning maximum points in each box in ‘PROFICIENT’ column and / or points in columns to the right of... Based on the analysis of the historical data and projected data for the upcoming year, it would be a mistake for Superior Grain to rely on the volume of shipments allotted from the Polish contract to cover the costs of building the third wharf with the expectation of 20% profit. It is apparent from the statistics that the addition of the third wharf would decrease the demurrage charge; however, there is a negative net present value (NPV) that indicates the company should not build the third wharf. Even though, there is a negative NPV for the company, according to our five-year analysis, Superior Grain Elevator could still consider building the third wharf. Because of the 3 factors detailed below, Superior Grain Manager, Mike Armstrong, needs to consider building the third wharf. By building the third wharf the waiting time will be dramatically decreased, and customer satisfaction will also increase. After the contract is over the number of ships will go back to 115 with the savings o f more than $100,000 per year. There is always a possibility within the next 2 years for the company to get a new contract which it will be prepared to handle. Therefore by building the third wharf the company will be able to benefit from it.

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Lynching Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Lynching - Essay Example And on that same day, residents claim that one of the thieves was captured and was set on fire resulting to the act of public lynching. Residents did this brutal act of public lynching because police didn’t give them enough protection and that the residents claimed justice into their own hands. Residents claim that the police in their community are corrupt and would not protect them if there was no corresponding amount of money involved. The residents protested and didn’t report to their work the following day. They have invited the police in their town to have a meeting and to settle the issue between the police and the community. During the meeting the residents demanded that the police protection in their community should be improved, that the stolen goods should be returned to its owners once the thief that was set on fire discharges out of the hospital, that the police stationed in their community are changed and that the robbers named â€Å"banda† will be e victed in Villa Pagador. After the burning on one of the robbers, the residents were labeled by the police and the media as savages. The residents had a furious reaction to this because they were the ones who were robbed and that they only took justice in their own hands because there was no way they could depend on the police as stated above, and now they are the ones being projected as dreadful people. Residents claim that the police in their community are being paid by the â€Å"banda† to give way on the robbery operations, that’s why the residents wanted to change the set of police in their community. These are the driving forces that lie behind the quest for visibility on the part of Villa Pagador residents. The residents in Villa Pagador are trying to achieve legitimate police protection and to change their image as savages. That’s why they showed there way of protesting through public lynching

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Culture and Healthcare in America Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Culture and Healthcare in America - Essay Example According to Loraine Magda (2007) "From academia to the applied sciences, medicine, law and politics, Western society operates from a paradigm firmly based on materialism with grave skepticism, and unless proven true by science, becomes relegated to the wasteland of wishful thinking." Most scientists believe that science starts with basic questions and as they try to answer, and develops the answers, it leads to further questions. When students are taught on this basic belief they ignore the interplay of science with society, and such training tends to obscure connection between science and society. Thomas Kuhn says "to acquire the status of a paradigm, a scientific achievement must offer sufficiently convincing resolutions of previously recognized problemsmust also have enough unresolved problems to provide the puzzles for subsequent research practice within the research tradition it comes to define" (Marshall1998).

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Management Of Minor Injuries

Management Of Minor Injuries Introduction: As part of this minor injuries course we have been asked to provide a 3000 word assignment utilising a case method as means of researching a patient scenario we experienced during clinical practise. Case study method enables a researcher to investigate an individual and evaluate these findings and relate this evidence to clinical practice ( REFERENCE 1) Case studies are also often subjective and based around a personal experience or memorable patient (REFERENCE 2), whilst identified by (REFERENCE 3) that these case studies do not provide a great amount of empirical and statistical evidence, (REFERENCE 4) highlights that case study methods stimulate critical thinking and help practitioners apply theory to clinical practice. For this case study I have chosen a patient who I treated for an Achilles tendon rupture. This assignment will aim to document the assessment of a patient in the acute stage of injury discuss the initial management of the injury discuss the treatment plans available conclude how this case study has impacted on my clinical practise The Achilles tendon is given its name by Greek hero Achilles as the largest and strongest tendon within the human body, Patel and Haddad (2006). It connects the calf muscle (gastrocnemius) to the heel bone (calcaneus) and is located below the skin at the back of the ankle.(reference needed) As the calf muscle contracts it provides it enables the foot to be pointed downwards (plantarflexion) It is this action that enables us to walk, run, jump and to stand on our toes.(reference needed) Despite great forces applied through this tendon it is vulnerable due to its limited blood supply, the least vascularised area being 2 to 6 cm above the calcaneum. This diminished blood supply predisposes this region to chronic tendonitis and potential rupture. (reference 5) Kerr (2005) suggests three main attributing factors are leading to an increase in rupture. Increased sedentary lifestyle Rising popularity of recreational sports especially in older men An increasing proportion of people are overweight 75% of Achilles injuries occur during sporting activities, and research indicates this is occurring with patients who describe themselves as novice or beginners (Josza et al, 1989). As ENPs it is important that we are able to differentiate between an acute tendon injury and other complaints i.e. gastrocnemius tears in order to treat, advice and refer appropriately. Misdiagnosis or delay in treatment can lead to gait dysfunction and chronic pain. The following case study is a true event of a patient I assessed during my clinical placement. To maintain the patients confidentiality he will be referred to as Mr Smith. CASE STUDY: 68 year old retired gentleman, no drug allergies, no significant past or ongoing medical problems. Mr Smith attended the emergency department at 10.00 and was booked in with a limb problem. I greeted Mr Smith, explained my role as a training Emergency Nurse Practitioner (ENP) and gained consent for his assessment. Mr Smith had been out dancing the previous night and thought he had been kicked in the back of his right lower leg. Since, he had described difficulty walking and not been able to bend his foot as normal. Despite walking tentatively Mr Smith manoeuvred himself onto the examination couch. From his facial expression he appeared comfortable and his pain had been reduced having taken his own paracetamol and ibuprofen. The worst pain had been last night and the patient described an ache this morning. Further analgesia was offered but declined by the patient. Physical examination: This was broken down into 5 key areas described by Guly (2002) Look (inspection) Feel (palpation) Movement Specialist tests Function During our course we have assessed neurovascular function as a separate examination. This will be assessed between movement and specialist tests. Look: Mr Smith was examined in a private cubicle. His trousers removed in order to expose both lower limbs for comparison. Mr Smith had no wounds, no obvious deformity, no erythema /cellulites and no bruising noted. There was noticeable swelling around the base of the calf in the soleus region on the medial aspect of the limb. Both limbs were of equal colour and warmth. No surgical scarring was observed on either limb. Feel: Palpation of lower leg then took place. In accordance with Gully (2002) this should take place from the joint above to the joint below. Palpation started from the knee joint downwards. From the examination of the knee joint no pain over bony land marks was elicited by the patient. The palpation moved distal towards the ankle, no bony tenderness was identified. The ankle was examined for bony tenderness. No tenderness was found at the posterior edge or tip of both the medial and lateral maleolus, the base of the 5th metatarsal or the navicular bone. Using Ottawa ankle rules (Hopkins, 2010) there was no indication to xray the ankle. Mr Smith was then asked to go into the prone position, this enabled a good comparative view of both limbs mainly the gastrocnemius muscles and the Achilles tendons. The gastrocnemius muscle was then palpated; although uncomfortable towards the distal muscle a specific tender point was not identified. The Achilles tendon was then palpated; this gave a specific origin for the pain. There was also bogginess (palpable step) in the lower third of the Achilles. Although a step was palpable Kerr (2005) indentified that not all ruptures have a palpable step, the cause of this unknown. Movement: Ankle movements were examined both active and passive. Mr Smith had good active dorsi flexion and normal plantar flexion of both ankles. However when examined with passive resistance there was a marked deficit on his right ankle. Sterling (2001) highlighted that even though normal range of motion is witnessed during active movement it is essential passive movement is carried out, and assumptions should not be made to the integrity of the Achilles tendon. Both medial and lateral ligaments were stressed with no laxity and good end feel. Finally an anterior draw test was performed, the ankle was stable. Neurovascular status: Mr Smith had normal sensation of his first web space, dorsum of foot and anterior and lateral aspect of lower leg. Mr Smith was able to dorsiflex and had normal toe plantar mechanism. Pedal pulse was also present. Specialist tests: Mr Smith was then asked to kneel onto the trolley and support himself using the wall. A Thompson- Simmons (calf squeeze) test was then performed. At this time Mr Smith had no plantar flexion movement. Johnson and Morelli (2001) details this is highly suggestive of a ruptured Achilles tendon. Prior to undertaking this assignment I was not aware of any other specialist tests other than ultrasound. These shall be discussed later. Function: Guly (2002) states the examination of a joint should include its functionality. Mr Smith was then asked to perform a calf heel raise (stand on tip-toes). He was unable to perform this task. Sterling et al (2001) summarised that a patient whose other plantar flexors are still functioning will not be able to perform this task if their Achilles is ruptured. Treatment: Mr Smith was diagnosed and treated as an Achilles tendon rupture. He was placed in an equinas cast and was given crutches to mobilise with, which he did very well. A referral was then made to our fracture clinic where he would be followed up with the orthopaedic team. Take home analgesia was offered but declined by the patient. Mr Smith asked about the long term plan of action, would he need surgery to repair his tendon. I answered honestly and stated I didnt know but endeavoured to find out from one of my colleagues. It was this lack of follow on care knowledge that has been one of the focuses for this case study. Having an extended knowledge base would further enable a holistic approach to care not only in the acute care environment but to also provide accurate information about the care the patient should expect to receive. This sharing of knowledge will hopefully enable the patient to make an informed choice about how they would like to proceed. The follow on from acut e injury to referral to fracture clinic is currently within 3 days. The patient will be presented if suitable with two options; surgical repair or conservative management. From reviewing the literature contributing towards this assignment it is clear the orthopaedic world is divided over these two strategies of care. However the common goal summarised by Patel and Haddad (2006) is a restoration of the normal length and tension of the Achilles tendon, allowing patients to regain their functional and desired level of activity. Fotiadis et al (2007) supports this and further discusses the importance of restoring length as this will preserve strength of the gastrocnemius and the soleus muscles, again improving functionality. Surgical repair: the procedure involves making a longitudinal incision on the medial aspect of the Achilles tendon. Normally the incision is between 8 and 10cm, the ends of the tendon are then sewn together using non-absorbable suture. Two types of stitch are favoured, Krackow or Bunnell. (see appendix A) Kerr (2005) highlights the advantages of surgical repair as Increased strength Reduced calf atrophy Less likely hood of re-rupture Faster return to sporting activities. However with any invasive procedure there will be a risk off Deep wound infection Deep vein thrombosis Delayed wound healing Scar adhesions Hyperesthesia or numbness of the skin After surgery the limb is immobilised with an equinas plaster or brace for between 6 to 8 weeks followed by physiotherapy. Non Surgical Management: Johnson and Morelli (2001) outlines that conservative management involves the patient being placed initially in an equinas cast. The immobilisation of the ankle plantar flexed between 40ÂÂ ° and 60ÂÂ ° enables the tendon to be stress free promoting the unification of the partial tear or rupture tendon. Having discussed the current treatment guidelines with my orthopaedic colleagues at the hospital the patient would be expected to return to fracture twice over a 6 week period. This would be to have a new POP each time and gradually have the degree of plantar flexion increased. The patient would remain on crutches, non weight bearing on the affected limb, to reduce the potential stress placed on the tendon. Having presented the case study and outlined initial management and expected follow up care, I would now like to introduce new methods of assessing for Achilles tendon rupture as stated on page 3. Matles Test: The patient is laid in the prone position with knees flexed at 90ÂÂ °. Both feet and ankles are observed for plantar flexion. The diagram below indicates the there is an increase in dorsi-flexion on the injured limb (right) Source: foot and ankle hyperbook (2011) The OBrien test: the patient lies in the prone position knees flexed at 90ÂÂ °. A small gauge needle is then inserted 10cm form the superior border of the calcaneus into the Achilles tendon. Passive dorsiflexion and plantar flexion movements are applied; absence of movement indicates a potential rupture. The Copeland test: the patient is laid in prone position with knees flexed at 90ÂÂ °. A sphygmomanometer is placed around the bulk of the calf and the pressure raised to 100mmHg with the ankle plantar flexed. When the ankle is dorsiflexed, in a non- injured Achilles tendon, pressure increases to 140mmHg. Where the Achilles is ruptured the pressure remains the same (Sterling et al, 2000). Other specialist diagnostic procedures can be performed i.e. ultrasound or MRI. These have been highlighted by Patel and Haddad (2006) as more accurate at detecting partial tears. Ultrasound is operator dependent and requires an experienced technician and radiologist and MRI carries a high cost and limited clinical value of what has already been diagnosed clinically. Differential diagnosis: During the initial history taking it is paramount an accurate detail history is taken leading up to the events. Majewski et al(2008) outlines 44% of Achilles injuries are misdiagnosed as ankle sprains or gastrocnemius injuries and advocates the use of the two specialists test previously identified; the calf squeeze test and the Maltes test. Majewski et al (2008) concludes along with proficient palpation of the Achilles tendon two positive tests is good evidence of a rupture. However reinforces the need for sonography (ultra-sound) to differentiate between partial and full tears. As ENPs we are usually the first clinician patients see with an acute injury. We have a vital role in demonstrating accurate history taking, assessment, treatment and referral to the appropriate speciality. Despite the patient having an injury it is important that we can provide the patient with accurate education and health promotion advice. It is recognised within our department that weekends have a high increase is sporting injuries who attend the emergency department. The main sports are rugby league and football. We have a great opportunity to impart knowledge to patients with injuries in order to hopefully reduce the incidence of new or re-occurring injury. In relation to Achilles injury or Achilles tendonitis Walker (2005) promotes warm up techniques, the benefits include: Increased blood flow to working muscles Increased range of movements Improved speed of contraction Increased temperature and hence increased elasticity Improved oxygen saturation As previously identified there is reduced vascularisation to part of the tendon, Henry et al (1986) concludes that warming up increases the flexibility of the joint involved and best results occur from static stretching. Another important factor to advice patients about is footwear. If possible hard backs of shoes should be padded as identified by Milroy (1994) these areas nudge the Achilles, often at the site of injury and wherever possible heels should be slightly raised to shorten the Achilles resulting in less injury from sudden lengthening. It is this information that I will be now documenting i.e. did they warm up prior to exercise and also conveying this to patients in order to reduce further injuries. Conclusion: As identified there is an increase in Achilles tendon rupture injuries hence more people will be attending the Emergency Department through direct referral from General practitioners and Walk in Centres/ Minor injuries units or from self presentation. From reviewing literature it is evident there is a significant number of misdiagnosis occurring around the area of injured Achilles tendons. Despite Mr Smiths diagnosis seeming straightforward I now have a greater appreciation of differential diagnosis and the effects misdiagnosis or delay in treatment can have on the short an

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Caring for Older People Essay -- Health Care, Diseases, Dementia

Caring for older people highlights many special and difficult issues for nurses and carers, such as separation, illness, loneliness, death and how to provide continued care (Morrissey et al, 1997). This essay discusses the strategies of care delivered for an older person with dementia during my recent clinical placement. Discussions will focus on normal ageing process taking into account the relevant biological, sociological and physiological perspectives and the impact this had on this individual’s life experience. Ropers’ model is used as a frame work in which cae is delivered. Other related issues to be considered include the role of informal carers and the impact this had on him. Confidentiality is maintained in conjunction with NMC 2010 code of conduct. Thus a pseudonym (Scot) is adopted where the client’s name is mentioned. Scot is a 70 year old man with a long term history of psychosis. Recently he had been diagnosed with dementia. He had been well managed on quiatiapin until he had stopped taking the medication and his psychosis had worsened. And due to his decline in his mental state, he has also been refusing access to his carer (his wife) and was at risk of self neglect. Dementia is a disorder manifested by multiple cognitive defects, such as impaired memory, aphasia, apraxia and a disturbance in occupational or social functioning, Howcroft (2004). Disturbances in executive functioning are also seen in the loss of the ability to think abstractly, having difficulty performing tasks and the avoidance of situations, which involves processing information. Scot suffers from Alzheimer’s disease, a type of dementia, which affects the brain cells and brain nerve transmitters, which carry instructions around the brain. The b... condition and how she can reduce the feelings of anxiety, tension and loss of control that has resulted from the impact of Scots deterioration. By the end of my placement, evaluations showed that although there have not been significant changes in Scots mental and physical state, it is also imperative to note that he has been supported and maintained well to carry some of the daily activities of living. Whilst Scots care plan continued to be reviewed, there is also an ongoing support and educational programmes for his wife, which will enable her to effectively care for Scot. Having gained experience working with older people, I have understood that whenever you care for a person especially the older person, one must take a holistic view of the person’s physiological and psychological and social circumstance in order to provide effective and continuous care.

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Kmart SWOT Essay -- essays research papers

Kmart started off on the right foot back in 1899 and was a major player in supplying goods to the consumers from their small five and dime stores. From there they started to expand, they were a provider of low-cost merchandise but once the competition (Wal-Mart and Target) started opening they started loosing the fight. Since that time they have been through many changes and many hard times. By 1962 they started opening full line discount stores which continued to help the company succeed. From 1980 - 2002 five different CEOs ran the company. Some of their strategies were focused on the same track as the one before them while others had to change direction entirely in order to fight to turn the company around. Kmart has suppliers that they order their goods from so they can keep their shelves stocked. They do not make any of their own products however they do try to differentiate themselves by selling exclusive brands that include Thalia Sodi, Jaclyn Smith, Joe Boxer, Martha Stewart , and Sesame Street. Kmart ¡Ã‚ ¦s strategy has changed a few times since they started out and may continue to change in order to succeed. They have faced bankruptcy in the past and have fought to continue to compete against their competitors. Kmart has many competitive and environmental forces impacting the industry today. As all organizations do some or these forces are opportunities for them while others are threats to the organization. A few of the forces are their rivals or competitors, the substitutes that can be used, and the new entrants into the market. The main rivals among the merchandising companies are Wal-Mart, Kohls, Family Dollar and Target among many more. Wal-Mart and Target are their main rivals, this is because Wal-Mart is known for their niche as having the lowest prices and Target is known for their fashions and home furnishings both of these items Kmart tries to compete against. Also buyers see Kmart as a discount store which doesn ¡Ã‚ ¦t stand when other competitors have lower prices. Kmart ¡Ã‚ ¦s customer service and available products are two other items that Kmart fails to be a strong competitor in against these rivals. Therefore, the rivalry among the merchandising stores is a strong competitive force in this market. Another external force that affects the market is substitutes. Substitutes are the items a customer can buy to replace the items they purch... ...o the picture. By getting rid of their food items they would also have more room on the shelves to stock the much more requested items that customers want. Since Kmart is up against a couple well known companies they are going to need to stand out. They have their exclusive brands which is great if that is what the customer wants. They need to really push these items by marketing (TV spots and newspapers) so the consumer feels they need to have these items. They also need to put standards in place so that anytime research is done there is a project team put together to implement what changes need to be completed. Their strategy to win back the customer is failing because they are not implementing the needed changes. Instead they are closing down stores and not remodeling the ones that are still in business. They are loosing the market share to both Target and Wal-Mart because they are so focused on how to make another buck that they are not focusing on what really matters, the cu stomers. Until the customers are satisfied with the stores product (being on shelves), the service they receive and the location and shape of the stores they will not return as loyal customers to Kmart.

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I Prefer to Live in Big Cities Than in Small Towns

I Prefer to Live in Big Cities than in Small-towns In English, there is a well-known fairy story about a poor country boy, Dick Whittington, who goes to London because he believes that the streets of that city are â€Å"paved with gold†. The story is a tale of â€Å"from rags to riches†. Dick eventually becomes the Lord Mayor of London. Like the hero of that story, I love to take adventure in the cities. I grew up in a small town and then moved to a big city, so I have experienced the good and bad sides of both. I never thought that I would like living in a big city, but I was wrong.Cities contain a great assortment of people. Whenever I walk around a shopping precinct at midday on a weekend, I am fascinated by all the different types of people hurrying around the shops. Sometimes, I just sit on a public bench and simply watch the variegated streams of shoppers. Today, in the age of globe-trotting transport and communications, city life is more mixed than it has ever be en. Capital cities are not cosmopolitan, and eager to attract foreign trade currency. There is a contemporary English joke which tells that â€Å"you can never find an Englishman in London†.The United States is made up of people of different races, religions, abilities, and interests. However, you seldom find such a variety of people in a smaller town. I think that living in an area where everyone was just like me would quickly become boring. Whether rightly or wrongly, I love the excitement of big cities. Small towns have a slow pace. Large cities mean you have to adapt to a variety of situations, like finding a new route to work or trying a new restaurant. I enjoy that challenge very much. Another pan of the excitement of city living is the variety of cultural activities available.There is a wide assortment of theatre, music and dance performances available in big cities. These things are rare in small ones. Governments and local authorities usually build public amenities i n the big cities. Money is invested in transport, libraries, parks and museums. Often, countries will compete with each other for the best â€Å"show-case† building. Malaysia has built a skyscraper that is taller than is anything in New York. In large countries, region will compete against region: New York against Chicago, Shanghai against Hong Kong and Beijing. All of this is good for the citizen.The magic of the Dick Whittington story is rekindled in me when I enter a library in a magnificent building. If a person is at university studying art or music, a large city usually offers galleries and public performances. Even when I was a teenager, I appreciated the worth of living in a city because two or three times a year there was a rock concert by one of my favorite bands. There is one thing I want to talk is small-towns and big cities both have some problems in terms of transportation. In a small town, you have to own a car to ensure a comfortable living.You can't get aroun d without one because there isn't any kind of public transportation. Big cities generally have heavy traffic and expensive parking, but there you have a choice of taking public transportation. It's not free, but it's often cheaper than driving when you consider gas and time. Especially if you don't have a car, you're better off in the city. And of course, security is a concern, and that's one area where small towns are superior to big cities. Still, I would rather be a bit more cautious and live in a large city than to feel secure but bored.

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Discuss Both the Negative and Positive

Slavery ended in 1838. One of the biggest negatives of such a system was racism which was found in every Caribbean society. British officials believed that people of Africans descent were inferior and what was worse perhaps these racist attitudes were after internalized by Black and Brown people that is some Africans themselves became convinced that they were inferior to Europeans. With Emancipation in 1838 slaves became free to choose the nature of their future existence. A fundamental development during the post- emancipation period was the exodus of ex slaves from the estates mostly to set themselves up as peasant proprietors.The movement created a labor shortage which threatened the imminent collapse of the sugar industry. To avoid ruin, planters sought to introduce immigrant labour from Europe. , Africa and Asian and to effect certain technical improvements to reduce the cost of production. There were two groups that came to the Caribbean from the 1930’s onwards who did n ot have much difficulty into the existing society . They were the free African immigrants and Portuguese from Madeira. By far the largest group of new arrivals , however were the Indians.Like the Portuguese they came as indentured workers to work in the sugar plantations. They soon became part of the populations of Trinidad, Guyana, Jamaica, Grenada and St. Vincent. Because of their large numbers, bringing with them religions, languages and cultural practices quite different from any found in the Caribbean , they enriched but greatly complicated the society. They were neither black or white , they were not Christians and they had their own ancient culture Two other much smaller groups of immigrants were the Chinese and the Syrian/ Lebanese. Like the Indians they brought their own language and culture.The first group of Indian immigrants arrived in Guyana in May 1838 on board the ships Whitby and Hesperus. They were distributed among six(6) sugar estates to labour under contract for five (5) years and though their treatment were satisfactory on three (3) of the estates on the others there was ill treatment , sickness and morality. The suspicions of the anti – slavery society were immediately aroused and it secured appointment of a local Commission to investigate immigrant conditions. The enquiry led to the suspension of immigration from India for an indefinite period.Regular Indian immigration was reopened in 1844 and in the following year two (2) shiploads reached Guyana , one shipload each went to Trinidad and Jamaica. The performance of these labourers exceeded expectations and in 1846 Jamaica requested an additional five thousand ( 5000), Trinidad four hundred (400) and Guyana ten thousand ( 10000). Indian immigration to the West Indies ceased in 1917 and until that time a total of 429,623 immigrant had entered . Many of the Indians who remained in the West Indies continued to reside on and to work for the estates.A much smaller number worked as peas ant proprietors , some cultivated their lands in sugar cane, rice, ground provisions and fruits. These Indians were able to achieve a greater economic standing and social mobility then those who remained in the estates. By definition immigrant labor was not slavery because it was entered into voluntarily. The contract gave rights to the immigrant who was paid for his labour . There was a fixed limit to the period of indentured and when it was over the immigrant was free. However, in practice immigrant labor schemes were slavery under a different name.Although the emmigrants from India entered into the contract voluntarily, they were often deceived about the conditions they were agreeing to. In the West Indian colonies , conditions similar to those in the days of slavery still existed . They were confined to their estates. Free Indians found it advisable to carry ‘ certificates of exemption from labor’ which allowed them free movement. Indentured laborers could be fired if found off their estates. Immigrant laborers were deprived of women. The root of the problem lay in India, where women were not emancipated because of the religious and social systems.The proportion of Indian women imported was only 3 per 100 men before the mid 1840’s 32 per 100 by 1870 and a legal minimum of 40 per 100 thereafter. Up to 1870 immigrants had to had been denied the chance to lead normal family lives. In cases where Indian immigrants were married their wives were sometimes taken away to be the mistress of the plantation owners as in the days of slavery. Immigrants were also subject to arbitrary treatment by their employers . This sometimes involved flogging and imprisonment and the immigrant dared not complain.From 1906 to 1907 nearly 40 % of the immigrant laborers in Guyana received summons for breach of the labor laws. Between 1838 and the 1930’s wealth was mainly in the hands of very small groups in society . Nearly all of it belonged to the white up per class though by the 1930’s a significant number of colored or black or Indian businessmen and farmers had acquired money and property. As planters and businessmen whites continued to be the major group of employers in the Caribbean. The worst white employers treated their workers with contempt but the better ones showed concern for their laborers’ welfare.For ordinary people life was always a hard struggle. Between 1838 till 1920’s the majority of the people worked for the plantations. Either as full time workers or as casual , irregular laborers during the harvest time and other busy periods. Wages for plantation workers were very low . Things had not changed much till the 1920’s. To escape low wages and seasonal employment on the estates as well as poverty on small peasant plots, thousands of West Indians left the countryside and drifted into the towns . Another way of escaping poverty and unemployment was to emigrate.Between 1839-1921 and even late r thousands of West Indians left their colony , perhaps to leave the Caribbean altogether in order to find work. This was because emigration was the only alternative to get away from poverty and not because they wanted to leave their home. In Trinidad the Indian sugar workers who lived mostly in the central and south parts of the island were in an especially desperate condition by the 1838 till the 1930’s. Most of the West Indians lacked an adequate diet. Although actual starvation was rare the diet was unbalanced.Malnutrition affected babies and children especially . Working mothers had little chance to breast feed after the first few weeks. In turn this caused a very high rate of infant and child death. Around 1889 nearly one half of all babies in Grenada died before their first birthday . Epidemics swept the region from time to time. Thousands died of cholera between 1850-1854. To make matter worse medical care was not available to most ordinary people in this period. In G uyana out of 7324 deaths in 1871, 3378 took place without the dying person getting any medical care at all.In Jamaica by 1898 there was only one doctor from every 19,400 Jamaicans. The woman of the peasant and laboring classes was a sturdy independent person. She worked long hours in the fields. The women both black and Indian , who worked on the estates earned their own wages and could support themselves and their children if necessary. Despite poverty and the struggle to survive and bringing up children the strength and self reliance of the women were important aspects of family and social life. Going to school was part of normal life for most children from 1838.But a very large number did not go to school at all. In Guyana and Trinidad Indian children presented special problems . Far fewer of them attended school compared with Black children. Since Indians formed the main part of the sugar industry’s labour force in these colonies both planters and colonial governments wer e reluctant to spend money on educating their children. Even when in Trinidad after 1851 government ran school with no church control or influence were set up Indian parents were still afraid that their children would be badly treated .There were also problems of language and cultural differences. As late as 1911, 97% of the Indian born children were illiterate. The Immigration of Portuguese, Chinese and East Indians to the West Indies introduced new elements of race and class into a society traditionally composed of people of European and African origin dependent for their social position on a combination of colour, wealth and education . The new immigrant groups were neither white nor black except possibly for the Portuguese and they held a balance between the two.One of the most important legacies of slavery was a three tier social structure. Society in 1839 was divided into three major classes . These were in descending order of power and status , the white – the upper cl ass, the colored black – middle class and the black masses – the former slaves. One of the most important variations in social structure in some colonies was the addition of a fourth group. In Trinidad and Guyana so many Indians settled that they came to form a large section of the population separated from the other three groups by culture , religion , race and legal restrictions.After 1838 there was a gradual increase in the size of the middle group as people from the Creole masses moved into it. This process is known as social mobility. There were two main ways in which Blacks at the bottom of the society could move up . The first , through economic success either as an independent farmer or by practicing a skill eg. Carpantry, masonry or tailoring. The second , through education. The Overall Impact of Emancipation -Immigration undoubtedly helped to perpetuate the efficient use of labor.Nevertheless in the first two or three decades immigration halted the economic d ecline of the colonies and brought them substantial prosperity. -The importation of immigrants stimulated the expansion of social services , especially medical facilities which were applied first to the immigrants and then extended to the population at large. -The increase in population led to the development of a larger and more efficient police force. -Immigration swelled the ranks of shopkeepers and hucksters while many more engaged in peasant farming on land acquired by grant or purchase.In order to avoid repatriation and immigration expenses , planters and laborers made grants of land to the Indians in commutation of return passages. Indians in Guyana received free land grants of 32000 acres (1891-1912 ) ,Trinidad received 23,000 acres(1885-1895) and 31,766 acres (1902-1912) -The employment of immigrants in manual field labor opened up in a wider range of employment for resident Blacks as artisans , factory workers and policemen. -The growth of the rice industry in Guyana and T rinidad were due to the Indians. To the Indians can also be attributed the introduction of age old traditional Indian skill in irrigation into the West Indies, both in rice production and sugar industries. – The vast majority of East Indian immigrants were tied to plantation agriculture and continued to experience the low standard of living and destitution common to the West Indian working class generally. Nevertheless through industry and thrift some were able to acquire wealth which was used to educate their children in the professions of medicine, law, teaching and to become community leaders. The entry of the various immigrant groups into the West Indies led to the emergence of a plural society where the races mixed but did not combine. Friction , both latent and ,manifest existed among the different occupation groups. Example in February 1856, the notorious ‘ Angel Gabriel’ riots formed by the apocalyptic negro preacher James Orr, resulted in the widespread destruction of Portuguese shops in Guyana by negroes suffering from a sense of oppression and competition from the Portuguese businessmen.Among the field worker also some hostility did develop since immigration had a tendency to lower wages. By and large, the governing class failed to develop measures to effect a harmonius integration of the races. Like the Negro – creole population , the immigrants who remained in the West Indies after their indentureship , realized the value of wealth and education to give them a higher status and they sought to achieve these attributes whenever possible . In terms of wealth, the Portuguese and the Chinese were more successful they set themselves up as etty shopkeepers as soon as their indenture ended . Whenever their means allowed, the Chinese , Portuguese and East Indians secured higher education for their children. The negro population sought employment mainly in teaching and in the public service. By moving to the Caribbean , Indians on average increased their living standards considerably. Indian women living overseas did have fewer children than in India, but the death rate in the Caribbean except during the early years of immigration was also considerably low , resulting in a demographic growth rate higher than in India itself.Suicide , martial violence and return migration decreased overtime , while Indian ownership of land , savings and even physical stature increased . In reality the attraction of the earning potential of the Caribbean can be deduced from the massive influx of Asian migrants . They could have opted to go to other destinations. The Indian immigrants succeeded in transferring their two main religions, Hinduism and Islam ,to their new homes . By the 1850’s temples and mosques were being built in Trinidad and Guyana were people regularly prayed.The Hindu pundits and Moslem imams became very influential leaders of the Indian population in these countries, for religion was their main source of pride and unity, As a result Indian in these two territories showed great resistance to the Christian churches’ to convert them. the Canadian Presbyterians had the most success ,but most Indians held on to their faiths. Some did convert, partly to gain jobs or higher social status. The religious world of the Caribbean, already complex, was enriched by the faiths brought by the immigrants from Asia.

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Cadbury Communication Mix Essay

What is the communication mix of Cadbury? The marketing communications mix consists of five major modes of communication 1. Advertising – in the case of Cadbury, advertising is used to build a long-term image of the product – Cadbury must therefore through its media posture be the market champion and carry the brand message – Television is the advised primary medium of communication as it has mass reach, a favourable image, high prestige value and is attention getting – Cadbury also advertise through magazines, radio, promotions, online etc – Consumers might believe that a heavily advertised brand must offer good value – The ‘taste’ of Cadbury’s chocolate has long been the focus of Cadbury’s advertising. This has been supported by the slogan ‘a glass and a half of full cream milk in every 200 grams’, accompanied by a picture of milk pouring into the Cadbury’s Dairy Milk chocolate block. The image has become an integral part of the packaging design and has been featured in magazines, and on buses and trains, billboards, and of course television. 2. Sales promotions – Cadbury use sales-promotion tolls to draw a stronger and quicker buyer response – It can be used for short-run effects to dramatise product offers – The Go Another Cadbury promotion encourages customers to purchase  promotionally marked Cadbury products for a chance to win free chocolate bars. This is just one of the many Cadbury promtions. 3. Public Relations – The thought behind public relations, is that it provides advertising to a large audience as well as generates a welcoming community likeness about the company – Well-thought-out programs coordinated with the other promotion-mix elements can be extremely effective – Cadbury are committed to a strategy of â€Å"growing community value around the world† and are focussing on investments in the principal areas of education and enterprise, health and welfare and the environment. Cadbury recognise that prosperous, educated and socially inclusive communities are central to its success. Cadbury are proud of their investment in the community and the contribution made by employees around the world. Creating value in the community is part of their heritage and integral to achieving the core purpose of working together to create brands people love. – Some of the major events and projects that Cadbury support are the Students In Free Enterprise, Foodbank, Variety Club, Melbourne Cup Carnival, Royal Show, World’s Largest Annual Easter Egg Hunt and the three time AFL premiership champion Brisbane Lions Personal Selling – is the most effective tool at later stages of the buying process, particularly in building up buyer preference, conviction and action. Direct Marketing – use of mail, telephone, fax, e-mail or internet to communicate directly with or solicit response or dialogue from customers – in the case of Cadbury this deals more with customers such as supermarkets to help with the set up or organisation of promotions, displays or location Which media seem to be the most important and for which marketing purpose? CDM is undeniably the leader brand of not only the Cadbury’s basket but also the chocolate segment as a whole and is in a sense almost generic to the category in the country. CDM must therefore through its media posture be the brand champion and carry the brand message. With half the advertising spends of Cadbury’s, CDM must build on the brand equity through a premium marketing strategy that reflects in the media communication and positioning as well. This would translate to large and continuous brand presence. Television is the advised primary medium of communication as it has mass reach, a favourable image, high prestige value and is attention getting while having low cost per exposure for a high absolute spend. The media will go hand-in-hand with the advertising in reaching the expanding target audience the brand is reaching out to. Herein, the media must also supplement the youthful exuberance and rebelliousness of the advertising communication. Caution should be maintained not to dent brand equity while increasing penetration in smaller towns by using locally targeted media channels in a manner that will allow capitalisation of the ‘premiumness’ of the brand. A strategic brand n the Cadbury’s inventory, it is the only brand facing competitive ad spend from Nestle in its sub-category and so must build on its strengths and plug its weaknesses within its restrictions. The target audience is well defined and an entirely different gamut with regard to communication strategies including media vehicles. The primary target is school-going children and though mothers as buyers are enticed by the advertising message of ‘goodness of milk’ it is primarily the children who act as influencers and are to be spoken to through the advertising and consequently the media. The media again acting as a support of the advertising proposition and being a high-visibility strong presence and  recall value brand with the TG. A comparatively tight budget calls for media innovation, which may include reaching out directly to schoolchildren via direct marketing strategies to supplement other media channels. This can be kept in mind while considering the implementation of the media posture. Cadbury’s communication, like its brand personality is a reflection of the relationship it shares with its consumers. Cadbury’s Dairy Milk is the brand leader and in effect the mouthpiece of the Cadbury’s range, through which it successfully attempts to remain the almost generic leader of the category, defining its own territory and the segment it operates in. Media priority therefore is CDM, which is the brand image and should therefore be the prime-mover in retaining top of the mind recall through its advertising and media channels. Cadburys has identified these brand values and adjusts its advertising strategies to reflect these values in different markets. Its strategy can vary from increasing brand awareness, educating potential customers about a new product, increasing seasonal purchases, or as is currently the case in the ‘Choose Cadbury’ campaign to highlight the positive emotional value of the brand. After identifying brand values the marketing manager must match these to the specific market. For this reason it is important to identify possible segments that have specific needs, and to highlight appropriate brand values that will promote the brand in that market. The Cadbury product range addresses the needs of each and every consumer, from childhood to maturity, from impulse purchase to family treats. For example an analysis of the ‘gift’ sector highlights the importance of developing innovative products to address specific markets. Cadbury designs products to coincide with Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s, Mother’s and Father’s Day and other calendar landmarks. Cadbury use marketing strategies such as the ‘Choose Cadbury’ strategy to encourage a link between chocolate and these events ensuring there is a Cadbury chocolate product suitable and available for every occasion. The confectionery market is full of brands that need to fight for our attention. The role of advertising is to keep a brand in the mind of the consumer. We are constantly presented with countless brand images and messages on a daily basis. During the lifetime of a brand, companies will develop marketing strategies that communicate brand identity and core values to gain our attention. In order to keep its product competitive and contemporary, these messages need to change over time. Cadbury provides one of the most successful examples of how an advertising message can be modified from one campaign to the next to attribute new values to a brand giving consumers more reasons to buy Cadburys. Healthy brand equity or brand strength is critical in an impulse-driven, competitive market. Advertising plays a key role in maintaining this strength. Cadbury employs all types of advertising from the internet to posters, from TV, radio and cinema to print media. This same creative message is then communicated through point of sale, merchandising, package design and public relations. The ‘Choose Cadbury’ Marketing Strategy The ‘glass and a half ‘, corporate purple and flowing script has become synonymous with Cadbury: these design elements have been used to great effect in developing the connotation of goodness that this imagery suggests. In the 1980s another vital attribute – taste – was highlighted. Regardless of national preferences about how chocolate should taste (e.g. dark chocolate is traditionally more popular in Europe whereas Australians prefer creamier milk chocolate) the implication was clear – Cadbury offers taste and texture that appeals to all. In the 1990s further emphasis was placed on ‘taste’. The strapline ‘Chocolate is Cadbury’, which was built upon previous brand values and allowed Cadbury to stake its claim and taking ownership of the word ‘chocolate’ and the chocolate eating experience. Earlier this year, Cadbury introduced a new global marketing strategy called ‘Choose Cadbury’. This strategy came about as a result of extensive research into consumer behaviour and perception. It is a campaign that perfectly illustrates how a brand can evolve and how different messages can be  communicated without losing the core strength and brand values that are already established. The classic icons have played a major role in establishing the look and feel of how Cadbury’s advertisements should look through successive campaigns. These key ‘look and feel’ icons were heavily researched to ensure that the messages they impart are always relevant to the Cadbury consumer. In depth customer research is conducted to ‘test’ these messages. Research results confirmed that colour recognition of dark purple is strongly associated with Cadbury. Its logo is readily recognised and scores a ninety six per cent recognition level alongside other global brands such as Coca Cola and McDonalds. The glass and a half symbol, which plays a key role in the current ‘Choose Cadbury’ strategy, continues to communicate the quality and superior taste of Cadbury’s chocolate. The central message of the ‘Choose Cadbury’ strategy hinges on the established glass and a half symbol. Is the glass half full or half empty? Cadbury suggests that the glass is always half full appealing to our emotions. Therefore, in choosing Cadbury we are taking a decision to embrace the positive. This optimistic metaphor is, according to consumer testing in the UK and Australia, well understood amongst consumers. In this ‘Choose Cadbury’ campaign, the product ingredient of milk has been elevated from a practical, rational platform to an emotional one Cadbury can deliver on optimism, happiness and a feel-good factor. If a brand can do all this, the decision to purchase this brand over all other chocolate brands seems to be logical and inevitable. The ‘Choose Cadbury’ strapline is a call to action designed to motivate us. We are not expected to simply absorb the advertising message, we are being called upon to make a conscious purchase decision. We are reassured that the Cadbury product will remain unchanged, (Cadbury is Chocolate and it still tastes good), but we are given more reasons to remain brand loyal (Cadbury is Chocolate – feels good i.e. positive, uplifting, mood enhancing, providing enjoyment and happiness). At no stage in the evolution of the Cadbury brand has there been as much reliance on taking ownership of the emotional side of eating chocolate as there is now. Owning the emotional territory for chocolate helps Cadbury to  elevate its product in the mind of the consumer. With the ‘Choose Cadbury’ campaign consumers are being offered both logical and emotional reasons to buy a Cadbury product as a first option on every occasion.

Threat Assessment & Physical Security Case Study

Threat Assessment & Physical Security - Case Study Example Coordinate with the nurse/s and be on the same page with him or her as to what conditions would be beneficial or harmful for the overall well-being of the principal.   Be aware of certain types of foods, medication, and environmental factors that may bring about allergies or adverse reactions and be sure to steer clear of such items.  Ã‚   With his medical condition and the impending court hearing, the principal is under tremendous stress, as it is. It is important to consider these factors in looking out for the principal. Carelessness in planning and giving out unnecessary information may just cause the principal undue stress that would aggravate the already delicate situation. Always keep in mind that there are certain things without the knowledge of which the principal is better off.In addition, as head of security, always be on hand to ensure the safety of the principal.   (The Steele Foundation & Subsidiaries)Coordination with principal’s Attorneyb.   Convene wit h the principal's lawyer as to the principal's medical condition. Know the legal implications and limitations of the protection that the security entourage is supposed to provide. Coordinate with the lawyer and come up plans that fit the need of the principal within the limits of the law at the moment. Since the police are not providing any protection, constantly communicate with principal's lawyer to update oneself with the legal extent up to which protection can be provided for the principal.... Presence of cause -oriented groups in the court audience c. With the recent threats of terrorism in the city and their link to white supremacists plus the recent beating of the principal's chief assistant, the media has made speculations pointing to the principal as one of the possible perpetrators. It is important that the principal realize the importance of this piece of information and the implications of these developments to his case. There have been recent assumptions that rival white supremacist groups are trying to grab power within the organization and it is very important for the principal to take note of this development and consider possible scenarios that may erupt from this incident should this be true. Point out the possibility of these rival groups' chance to take advantage of the principal's predicament and vulnerability in pinning the blame of their actions on him. (Fein, Vossekuil, & Holden, 1995) Security in the court house d. As a very outspoken individual, the principal is prone to tactlessness in speech, impulsive reactions and violent episodes that get him into trouble more often than not. Alert the principal with the possible presence of fundamentalist religious groups, white supremacist groups, civil rights groups and other cause-oriented organizations. Remind the principal that all of these people are very sensitive about the causes that they are fighting for. Caution him to be very wary about his statements as any statement that comes out in the wrong way, although not intended may bring about protests from the different groups present during the trial. Constantly remind principal to avoid statements that contain racial slurs as it is in his nature to do so. Doing so would spark resentment and anger from the organizations that are