Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Threat Assessment & Physical Security Case Study

Threat Assessment & Physical Security - Case Study Example Coordinate with the nurse/s and be on the same page with him or her as to what conditions would be beneficial or harmful for the overall well-being of the principal.   Be aware of certain types of foods, medication, and environmental factors that may bring about allergies or adverse reactions and be sure to steer clear of such items.  Ã‚   With his medical condition and the impending court hearing, the principal is under tremendous stress, as it is. It is important to consider these factors in looking out for the principal. Carelessness in planning and giving out unnecessary information may just cause the principal undue stress that would aggravate the already delicate situation. Always keep in mind that there are certain things without the knowledge of which the principal is better off.In addition, as head of security, always be on hand to ensure the safety of the principal.   (The Steele Foundation & Subsidiaries)Coordination with principal’s Attorneyb.   Convene wit h the principal's lawyer as to the principal's medical condition. Know the legal implications and limitations of the protection that the security entourage is supposed to provide. Coordinate with the lawyer and come up plans that fit the need of the principal within the limits of the law at the moment. Since the police are not providing any protection, constantly communicate with principal's lawyer to update oneself with the legal extent up to which protection can be provided for the principal.... Presence of cause -oriented groups in the court audience c. With the recent threats of terrorism in the city and their link to white supremacists plus the recent beating of the principal's chief assistant, the media has made speculations pointing to the principal as one of the possible perpetrators. It is important that the principal realize the importance of this piece of information and the implications of these developments to his case. There have been recent assumptions that rival white supremacist groups are trying to grab power within the organization and it is very important for the principal to take note of this development and consider possible scenarios that may erupt from this incident should this be true. Point out the possibility of these rival groups' chance to take advantage of the principal's predicament and vulnerability in pinning the blame of their actions on him. (Fein, Vossekuil, & Holden, 1995) Security in the court house d. As a very outspoken individual, the principal is prone to tactlessness in speech, impulsive reactions and violent episodes that get him into trouble more often than not. Alert the principal with the possible presence of fundamentalist religious groups, white supremacist groups, civil rights groups and other cause-oriented organizations. Remind the principal that all of these people are very sensitive about the causes that they are fighting for. Caution him to be very wary about his statements as any statement that comes out in the wrong way, although not intended may bring about protests from the different groups present during the trial. Constantly remind principal to avoid statements that contain racial slurs as it is in his nature to do so. Doing so would spark resentment and anger from the organizations that are

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