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An Road Accident Essay

It looked as if a storm was approaching. I was standing at a cross-road traffic junction, waiting to cross the road. I have always observed that particular cross-road to be extremely busy, with vehicles constantly on the move. I was headed towards the bus stop across the street, so I turned in the opposite direction of the cross-road to see if my bus was coming. As I turned back to have a look at the cross-road, I saw a flashy yellow sports car trying to beat the red light. Before I knew it, I heard a thunderous heart-stopping crash. The sports car had slammed head on into a green van right in the middle of the large intersection. Shattered windscreen glass was strewn all over the junction and the passers-by crowded round the scene. I saw one girl rushing to the telephone to report the accident. For a minute or two, nothing happened. Then, a man got out of the green van. His van was completely smashed in on the side of the collision. He looked shaken and furious. He walked over to the yellow car only to find that the driver was unconscious. Some helpful people went to the middle of the road to help the unconscious man out of his car. The police and the ambulance arrived at about the same time. They noted down the positions of the vehicles and began asking for witnesses to the accident. I volunteered to give some details since I had seen the whole thing. I did not have time to think about missing my bus.

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Extreme Environments Reports

An environment is what an average person and animal can live in, like dogs, cats, frogs, farm life. These areas are usually covered in air we can breathe in and water that covers most of the land we inhabit, with plants around as well with much more. This helps is as people or plant lives operate with the adaptations we are given to be able to survive in our environments, an environment where the environmental. An extreme environment are conditions that are outside of a normal range for any humans, plants. These environments are almost impossible for any normal human to be able to live in. The differences in the environments are that average humans, plants and animals won't be able to function when put into an environment that their adaptations aren't usually for whereas other animals would usually survive in. The deep sea is said to be known as the much more deeper parts in the ocean, it's a completely different place with many different forms of life we have never heard of. The deep sea environment occurs in a lot of different parts of the ocean and sea floor, the deep sea covers 71% of the surface of the earth and 90% of it is considered deep sea zone, it also reaches depths of 198m to 11033 m which is the bottom of the Challenger Deep in the Mariana Trench. These zones are then divided further into deep ocean zones, each zone has is different from each other zone with completely different sea life but most animals below the twilight zone have no light at all which means there are no plants and most of the animals that live down there eyes or are blind.Conditions of the Deep Ocean ZoneThe deep ocean zone is known for not having any light sources at all, deep sea investigators define the deep ocean zone as an area where photosynthesis can't function at all. This is because the ocean is so deep the light can't reach all the way down which means anything below 200m is said to be the deep underwater zone. The oceans characteristics can be shown as biotic factors and abiotic factors. The Hadal Zone also known as the Hadalpelagic Zone named after one of the Greek Kingdoms of the underworld Hades. The Hadal Zone is the layer of the deep sea that is below 6000 meters. This is the lowest part of the ocean on the planet because of how low it is the pressure is enormous, making it the least discovered place in the entire world, people have gone to the moon more than the Mariana Trenches (approx 11,021 meters). Abiotic factors are the factors of the each deep sea zone, these are temperature, light, pressure and oxygen.Abiotic FactorsTemperatureThe deep sea is best known for its extremely cold waters, these temperatures are similar to a zone like the abyssopelagic zone which is above it. The temperature of the Hadal zone is 1.0-2.5 degrees celsius. But the Hadal zone has adiabatic heating which increases below 4000 m. But the temperature is always a few degrees above freezing which means its very cold in this zone so the animals that live here are use to these types of cold.LightThere is not light below the midnight zone, it's so deep the sunlight cannot travel to the bottom of the ocean, because of there being no light in these zones most of the animals have no eyes or are blind. But most of these animals are very reliant on their own lights to be able to see around or bring in their pray with their chemical reaction of bioluminescence which give off lights in the dark. Bioluminescence is a chemical reaction which gives off light scientists believe that 90% of species in the deep ocean are able to give off this light. Most of the animals are either transparent, black or red, but red and black look the same when animals are hiding.PressureThe pressure in the Hadal zones pressure is so intense that its became one of the world's least investigated places in humanity, because of the pressure in this zone it would be said the be an extreme environment, the pressure in this zone would crush any human those depths, The pressure in this zone is eight tons per square inch. But in this zone for every 100 meters you go the pressure increases by an atmosphere. Animals ha ve adapted to this pressure by having no air spacesOxygenThe Hadal Zone is the deepest part of the ocean so this means in this layer the high pressures creatures can survive with little to no oxygen in these layers, also there is no sunlight that is able to travel down there which means there is no plant life in these zones as in some other zones there are plants that can give off types of oxygen plants like phytoplankton is needed for photosynthesis which is requires sun to be able to give off any oxygen into the water. but as said before the Hadal zone doesn't have any sunlight so this isn't possible.Biotic FactorsPlantsThe Hadal zone zone extends from 6000 meters to 11000 meters below the surface making it the deepest zone in the ocean, because of these depths the sunlight cannot travel this low making it impossible for plant life to be able to exist at all this is because photosynthesis is a huge part of plant life and the sun's rays are what allows photosynthesis be able to hap pen. So this makes plants not able to live in this zone so hardly anything is able to call this zone home.AnimalsDue to the ocean zone being so deep in the ocean not many animals have been able to be discovered from the lack of it being explored, there could be a whole much more lot of animals that haven't been discovered yet but these are some animals that live in this zone like the Sea cucumber, the Rat tail fish who has a good sense of smell to be able to find its food, the liparid fish who's usually found in shallow levels but scientists have found them all the way down in the hadal zone, decapods that are pretty similar to shrimps but these eat amphipods, these animals also scavenge for food. But there isn't many animals in this zone due to how deep it is and the immense pressures.BacteriaThe bacteria found in this zone is usually located in the Hadal zones hydrothermal vents, a relatively new bacteria has been discovered in this zone called Pyrococcus CH1, this is an archaebac teria that is located around the thermal vents that reach up to 80 to 105 degrees celsius. Because of how deep the Hadal Zone is, it's rather hard for anything to live down there so no plants live down there not many animals and not much bacteria live down there.The Sea CucumberThe sea cucumber is an animal that lives in the Hadal Zone right on the ocean floor these animals live at depths of 20,000 meters deep. There are many types of sea cucumbers these animals can inhabit the warm waters to the cold deep sea trenches. The Sea cucumber is a invertebrate animal this means the animal doesn't have a backbone. The animal has a typical life span of 5-10 years of life. The sea cucumber has a lot of adaptations in order to be able to survive in the Hadal Zone, the sea cucumber has structural adaptations with its body, they move their circular muscles to control their movements when moving around the ocean floor, they also have coelomic fluid that moves around their body cavity or coelom, another structural adaptation is that their feathery shapes can help them catch food. These animals breathe through respiratory trees that are organs that makes water be moved around when drawn in by the opening of the sea cucumber. When Sea cucumbers are feeling attacked they will shoot their intestines out at whatever they are feeling threatened by, their body is their very own defense mechanism, they contract their muscles and some internal organs. They will not die doing this as whatever is missing will quickly regenerate whatever is missing. Scientists are researching how their bodies are capable of doing this like the axolotl. Some behavioral adaptations of the sea cucumber is that they will shed their skin organs to hide or confuse predators or who are attacking them leaving them a little snack while they have a chance to escape, sea cucumbers will also put their tentacles inside of themselves to protect themself. The sea cucumber in able to live in this zone as it is an invertebrate animal this means that it has no backbone it also has no bones in general so it is able to live in these enormous amounts of pressure without its bones being crushed these animals have tube feet which allow it to be able to move around the bottom floor of the ocean. This is how to sea cucumber is able to live in the deepest part of the ocean. It's adaptations work together as it makes poison inside of them to then be released when throwing its intestines at the predator tries to attack this can kill anything that tries to attack them. These defenses only happen when a threat is taking place outside the surface of the sea cucumbers skin. These adaptations all help the animal able to survive down in the Hadal zone but these also help it be able to reproduce, hunt/gather food, and move around. The sea cucumber has the option the either sexually reproduce or asexually reproduce, but sexual reproduction is what is commonly used more, the adaptations help the body in order to release eggs and sperm in to the ocean, this occurs when they meet by shooting that into the water, the eggs and sperm then form together making eggs that will hatch later on. This method of reproduction is very successful rather than asexually reproducing. Gathering and hunting food, the sea cucumber will use its feet all over its body to be able to move around the ocean floor, they will scavenge the floor for small food items, waste particles are what makes up most of their diet, they ingest their food through their mouth which are on their feet. The sea cucumber has tiny tube like legs all over its body to be able to move around the ocean floor, the sea cucumber moves relatively slow around the ocean floor, they can swim a little bit with their flexible bodies. This is possible as they don't have a backbone. They also have no eyes use their bodies to be able to help them get around.ConclusionIn conclusion, The Hadal zone is very deep, I found out that not many animals live in this zone due to how deep this ocean zone is, the animals that live in this zone either have no eyes or are blind, most animals that live in this zone are also invertebrate animals. The Hadal zone is an extreme environment so we will never be able to go there. I found it interesting how we have explored the moon more than we have the Hadal Zone. This is because of how intense the pressure is in this zone, they say the pressure feels like 48 blue whales crushing you from every angle which is interesting. But overall I think this ocean zone is very interesting and all the animals that live there look very different from what we are use to seeing as ocean creatures, but the hadal zone is very interesting.

A Brave New World

Utopia means the idyllic state as first used by sir Thomas Moore as the title of his book in 1516 (Brave New World’s Barron’s Notes by Anthony Astrachan).The Utopia achieved by the world-state in Aldous Huxley’s A Brave New World had a terribly High price. A price which, I think is not worth it. Their citizens live in as oblivious and ignorant kind of bliss in world that is free of war, fear, violence, disease and all the other draw-backs of living in the real world (Sybille Bedford, Aldous Huxley: A Biography, 1974, cited in Brave New World’s Barron’s Notes by Anthony Astrachan).The characters from Utopia in the novel do not even know freedom. They are happy and contented in their respective occupations and are satiated by spending their free time wallowing in pleasure even though they are all alike in each class and behave in much the same way as each other save for a few idiosyncrasies Uniformity is stressed and individuality becomes like a sickn ess and all characters who had even a minor difference from other citizens in the same class were cruelly crushed into either conformity or the final escape of death in John’s case.However, if the price of such comforts would be the ignorance of the existence of freedom, an idea that many countless people have died fighting for in the real world, I think Utopia is not worth it.A. Huxley did very well in highlighting this point. John’s suicide after seeing that his beloved joined the mob to watch him suffer is a great point at rejecting the idea of Utopia in the book.Even when John found a place where he could live with all the things that he thought were necessary, including pain, he was followed by a huge crowd which had come to watch him suffer. Seeing Lenina come to watch him whip himself causes him to kill himself.In the novel, Huxley plays with the idea of how technological advances would affect society. In Utopia, humans are grown in bottles. No one has a mother. Multiple copies of a single person can be made in one go. This is a very extreme way to highlight the author’s point, completely removing the â€Å"humanity† from humanity to the point that even the genuine personal bond of parent and child is removed.The achievement of stability is attained by keeping everybody in an artificial state of perpetual happiness and contentment.   Pain and grief is removed from the realm of human emotion thereby removing all the deep feelings we associate with the feeling of being genuinely â€Å"alive†.Citizens in Utopia are encouraged to be promiscuous. Anybody can have sex with anybody they want and vice versa. Family life and the formation of intense personal relationship are obliterated so that these cannot interfere with the stability of society. Love is non-existent. Anybody who’d date or have sex with a single person for an extended period is looked on as weird.I think that the author was successful at highlighting his point. His characters were only secondary to the ideas that he proposed especially considering the time and context when he propounded them. He makes me feel as if the novel’s version of Utopia is not far from becoming a truth. Today’s culture promotes the culture of almost mindless consumption, too much indulgence in pleasure and diminishing of the family.Technology is a result of human endeavor. It allows us to live in a better world with all of our modern necessities and comforts. In this book however, a different view is illustrated. While it acknowledges the former to be true, it declares resoundingly that the opposite is possible also. Technology also has the potential to wipe out the essence of humanity. It can wipe out genuine happiness, individuality, close personal relationships, deep emotions and family.ReferencesBLTC, Brave New World? A Defence of Paradise-Engineering, Retrieved on April 13, 2008, from, Brave New Wor ld’s Barron’s Notes by Anthony Astrachan, Retrieved on April 13, 2008, from, Brave’s New World’s Monarch Notes, Retrieved on April 13, 2008 from   

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The Corporate Giant WorldCom Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

The Corporate Giant WorldCom - Essay Example As the E/R ratio imbalance kept increasing, the managers sought to cook the books so as to prevent investors and government from getting the consistent results. 1. Case Summary WorldCom, the Nation’s second largest long-distance Telecommunications Company filed for bankruptcy protection on July 21st, 2002 revealing that it had overstated earnings in 2001 and the first quarter of 2002 by more than $3.8 billion. Further on August 8th of the same year the company again admitted that it had maneuvered its reserve accounts also affecting another 3.8billion. Substantial accounting fraud was charged against the firm by the US Securities and Exchange Commission. The actual cause of the corporate failure lies with the enormous oversupply that could be attributed to excessively optimistic projections of Internet growth. Evidently, the company’s projections on expense-revenue ratio flawed as â€Å"the industry conditions began to deteriorate in 2000 due to heightened competition, overcapacity, and the reduced demand for telecommunications services at the onset of the economic recession† (Kaplan & Kiron, 2007). Subsequently, the stock market value of the firms in the telecommunication industry plunged and people at the WorldCom’s helm of affairs intervened in the accounting practices to conceal the actual trouble from the public. In short, what they did was that they transferred a considerable part of current expense to a capital account as the capitalized cost would normally be considered an investment. 2. What were the pressures that led executives and managers to â€Å"cook the books?† Evidently, the company struggled to maintain its E/R ratio since the first quarter of 2000 ‘while facing revenue and pricing pressures and its high committed line costs’ (Kaplan & Kiron, 2007). WorldCom had to spend beyond its capacity due to unnecessary acquisitions of other firms. In order to overweigh the short term loss, managers were as ked to spend exceedingly so as to raise immediate revenue. There was incessant pressure from the top. For instance, CFO Sullivan directly insisted Myers and Yates carry out his plans. And on the bottom line, individuals like Betty were forced to partake in accrual releases and capitalization of line costs. These were the situations in brief that made executives and managers to â€Å"cook the books. 3. Why were the actions taken by WorldCom managers not detected earlier? What processes or systems should be in place to prevent or detect quickly the types of actions that occurred in WorldCom? The company officials could qualify a considerable amount of costs as an investment in 2001 and the first quarter of 2002, and this could have allowed the company to spread the costs to subsequent years if Cooper had not come across the issue. Obviously, the incident indicates the prevailing pitfall in the US corporate governance. Evidently, audit firms have to make strategic amendments to their processes and procedures to detect frauds and errors in the account books of the client on time. WorldCom was indirectly supported by the Andersen accounting firm, who ignored the fact that the organization’s practices were apparently unethical. Only government can safeguard the interests of its citizens against unscrupulous business practices. Likewise, various service institutions particularly that of banking and accounting must keep themselves reliable and sustainable to prevent this kind of fraud in future.  

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Eastern Massasauga Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Eastern Massasauga - Essay Example Eastern Massasauga is a rattlesnake, tail tipped by grey-yellow horny rattles and with several dark brown rings. An adult Massasauga is 18 to 30 inches in length (US fish and wildlife service web). Eastern Massasaugas inhabit wet areas. During spring, Massasauga use open shallow wetlands or shrub swamps. During summer, they move upward to drier areas where they can be found the sunning in open fields. In the northern part of the US, Eastern Massasauga live in Canada, Ontario, around Georgia bay, Northern Indiana, and Northern and Central Ohio. In addition, they live in Lower Peninsula of Michigan although they are declining due to human activities. Its protection in Michigan as an endangered species is due to destruction of its habitats. Eastern Massasauga is classified in the Eukarya domain, Animalia kingdom, Chordata Phylum, and reptilian class. The botanical name of Eastern Massasauga is Sistrurus Catenatus. The word â€Å"Massasauga† translates to â€Å"great river mouth,† in the Chippewa language describing wet areas surrounding a river where snakes can be found. Other names given to Eastern Massasauga are black Massasauga rattlers, Massasauga rattlers, Michigan rattlers and swamp rattlers (Eastern Massasauga rattlesnake web). An Eastern Massasauga is a slow moving snake that often strikes if disturbed. In New York, it is the smallest of the three venomous snakes. They employ camouflage where they hide in areas that bear the same colour as themselves. Massasaugas take advantage of their different adaptations to survive in the wet areas. For instance they have to detect prey from a distance through its organs. It uses Vomero-nasal organ also known as Jacobson’s organ that is located at the roof of the mouth with nerve endings in to the brain to detect prey. They take their tongue out to pick some air and place it on to the surface of Vomero for detection. In addition, this organ detects mates, geographical regions, and predators (John

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Plato Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Plato - Research Paper Example They even shared a common philosophical belief. Stated otherwise, medieval philosophy was a combination of principles from the three societies—the Greek East, Jewish and the Islamic. On the part of Greek East influence, there were many philosophers who served as the instrument to spread its ideology. The first one to heed this call was Socrates, followed by Plato (student of Socrates) then continued by Aristotle (student of Plato). A chain of influence was seemingly transferred from one generation to the other. With regard to Plato, he was able to influence the Middle Ages by his dialogues and creation of an academy. His academy was the â€Å"first institution of higher learning in the Western world† (â€Å"Plato†). On the other hand, Plato’s dialogues were observed to be mere reiteration of his teacher’s philosophy. The dialogues tackled both social and political issues of societies. Notably, during the Middle Ages, there was a call for a deviation from the path of classical learning. It was the period between the Classical Age and Renaissance (Hines). Europe then experienced a change of ideology within its society. The body politic that was once focused on Classical principles was transformed into a community that longed for new avenues towards development. Learning was made open to everyone interested. An emphasis was made with regard to education. Plato’s idea on education was revived but with modifications. Education was not just made available to certain class of people. The strict application of principles was then abrogated. The European community believed that an open access to education is advantageous to all its members. As such, scholars were allowed to use varied methods to institute learning. Moreover, administration of education was not just limited to government authorities. Religious congregations especially those who believe in Christianity have made their own schools. This became the starting point of the establishment

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Research Article Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3250 words

Article - Research Paper Example This relationship is the essence of organizational behavior as Sims (2002) defines organizational behavior â€Å"as the actions and attitudes of people in the organization.† These actions and attitudes of people are greatly shaped by their personality traits and play a significant role in their organizational performance. Similarly, the research article also deals with the advancement of organizational effectiveness. This is done by providing ways to effectively manage the various dimensions of an individual’s personality such as extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, emotional stability and openness to experience. Elanain’s (2007) article starts with an introduction which discusses previous researches regarding the relationship between personality and job performance. The existing literature indicates a significant relationship personality traits and performance dimensions. The introduction then gives a definition of personality traits as enduring patte rns of thought, emotion, and behavior that are not likely to change over time and explain people’s behavior across different situations. ... The article further indicates an inconsistency in the personality-performance relationship which is explained by individual variables and situational conditions that encourage or limit the influence of personality attributes on performance, and influence the relationship between personality traits and performance. In order to control the effects on Organizational Citizenship Behavior, an individual dimension (work locus of control) and situational dimension (organizational justice) are used. The introduction ends with an explanation of the purpose of the study which is to examine the relationship between FFM personality traits and OCB after controlling the impact of the control variables (Elanain, 2007). The overall introduction is quite logical and explanatory. It provides readers with the definitions and descriptions of variables involved in the study. Furthermore, the introduction also provides evidence from previous researches that support the existing research paper. On the othe r hand, the author mentions the purpose of the research at the end of the introduction, but there is no further explanation provided. In addition, there is no section of Problem of the Statement which would have been helped the readers understand the issue under study better (Elanain, 2007). Theoretical Framework/Hypotheses The author then discusses the literature review which is divided into three parts; the Five-Factor Model (FFM) of Personality, the Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB) and predicting OCB from personality. Here the author provides the five dimensions of FFM that include, Extraversion (sociable vs. introverted), Agreeableness (cooperative vs. competitive), Conscientiousness (organized and planful vs. unorganized and careless),

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Do you consider that the 13th Company Law Directive is the right Essay

Do you consider that the 13th Company Law Directive is the right instrument to achieve an effective pan-European market for corporate control and to facilitate cross-border takeovers - Essay Example The Commission perceived that the Directive on takeovers was necessary for pan-European corporate control via the reconstruction of common rules and procedures applicable to the single market and minority shareholder protection in takeovers.4 It has been a long standing goal of the EC to harmonize company laws among the Member States, an area of EC law plagued by diversity.5 The question for consideration, is whether or not the 13th Company Law Directive is able to contribute to achieving this goal and thereby serve as the right instrument for pan-European market for corporate control and at the same time facilitate cross-border takeovers. It will be argued that the 13th Company Law Directive does not live up to its mandate since it fails to provide for harmonization of anti-takeover defenses by allowing Member States to opt out.6 Other residual threats to harmonization and by extension, threats to a pan-European market for corporate control, and the facilitation of cross-border takeovers will be explored. Article 8 of EC Directive 2004/24/EC presents an obvious problem for pan-European corporate control and the facilitation of takeovers. Article 8 provides that Member States are required to regulate that the targeted company’s board: â€Å"†¦at the latest after receiving the information (on an unsolicited bid) and until the bid is made public or the bid lapses, †¦should abstain from completing any action other than seeking alternative bids which may result in the frustration of the offer, and notably from issuing any shares which may result in a lasting impediment to the offer or to obtain control over the offeree company, unless it has the prior authorization of the general meeting of shareholders given for this purpose, during the period of acceptance of the bid.†7 It is important to note that from a transborder perspective, Article 8 is fraught with difficulties since it

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Philosophy (Theory of knowledge) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 1

Philosophy (Theory of knowledge) - Essay Example First, reason is an objective and powerful decision tool for any body in any areas of life. As written by several authors, I believe that reason is a way of knowing what is right and wrong; what is true and not true; what is valid and not valid; and what is good and bad. As such, anybody could be guided in what to do by reasoning. For example, the decision to help others in need might be both good and bad. Taking for instance the giving of help to a sick person who is hungry. Giving the food asked is good because it will fill his hunger but this could be bad if the kind of food, the time of giving, and the way the food is to be taken are not in accordance with the doctor’s prescription. The reason(s) to help will assist the person in appropriately deciding whether to give or not the food, and if the person should give, what kind of food; when should the food be given; and in what manner should the food be taken. Likewise, in rearing a child, the decision whether to punish or n ot is based on the parents’ motives and manners of discipline which consist of reasons. Further, the decision of going to school and performing best is arrived if a person desires to prepare for the future. Hence, one can manage a better life by advantageously using reason as a guide in decision making. Second, reason is a clear or open inference to support claims and this is so because it is based on facts. Koukl says â€Å"we draw inferences based on cause and effect, or we draw conclusions by employing the laws of rationality.†1 Along this notion, Koukl cited the example that â€Å"square circles can not exist† to emphasize the law of non-contradiction. Consequently, genuine fact is tantamount to certainty which leads to a conclusion that can not be contradicted. For example, in claiming for

The Takeovers Directive Is An Ineffective Piece Of Legislation Essay

The Takeovers Directive Is An Ineffective Piece Of Legislation Designed To Create An Unachievable Single Market For Takeover Activity - Essay Example More specifically, in the UK, a takeover refers to the purchase of a public company whose shares are listed on a stock exchange, contrary to the acquisition of a private business. The three main types of takeovers are friendly takeovers, hostile takeovers and reverse takeovers. A friendly takeover refers to the acquisition of a company, which has been approved by the management. In normal cases, a bidder notifies a company board of directors prior to making an offer for the target company. If the board concurs that accepting the offer would serve the interests of shareholders better than rejecting the offer, then it recommends that the shareholders accept the offer2. The friendly type of takeover is rather common in private companies in which the shareholders are usually the board of directors. In these cases, chances are always high that should shareholders accept a takeover offer, then the board is usually of the same opinion. If not, the board is always under the shareholders†™ orders accept the bid. It is noteworthy that this scenario is rather irrelevant to the UK’s idea of takeovers, which only regards a takeover as acquisition of a public company. The second type of takeover is the hostile takeover in which a bidder acquires a company despite the unwillingness of the company’s management. ... Usually, on being established, certain larger private companies would want to float themselves in stock exchanges without the expenses and time resources involved in initial public offers. In the UK, for instance, a reverse takeover refers to a one-year acquisition of a company, which causes fundamental changes in its business and board voting or control. Finally, backflip takeovers are takeovers in which the acquiring company becomes a subsidiary of the purchased company and is mostly seen when a larger but unknown company acquires a well-known struggling company. A business concept that has been closely associated with takeovers, especially in the European Union is corporate governance. Corporate governance refers to the set of rules, processes and practices that a company uses for control and direction. In essence, in entails the weighing and balancing of the various interests of stakeholders such as management, customers, suppliers, financiers, government, shareholders and the co mmunity. Corporate governance thus covers every aspect of management, including action plans, internal controls, performance measurement and corporate disclosure. In the modern business environment, it does not pay for a company to be merely profitable; more should be done to attain a high level of corporate governance or good corporate citizenship using good corporate practices, environmental awareness and ethical and professional conduct among other strategies. Excellent takeover policies, regulation and legislation are some of the mechanisms by which the EU Commission and Member States have applied to improve corporate governance. For instance, the EU Takeover Directive of 2004 was adopted with the

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Greenhouse gas emissions and price elasticity of transport fuel demand Essay

Greenhouse gas emissions and price elasticity of transport fuel demand in Belgium - Essay Example The policy of increase in fuel tax by the Belgian government is taken into consideration in this article. The paper seeks to find the impact of an increase in fuel taxes on the consumption of fuels by estimating the price elasticity of fuel demand. Backdrop of the article The Kyoto protocol, named after the Japanese city, is an international agreement concluded in 1997, aimed at the reduction of the accumulated greenhouse gas emissions of the developed nations and lessening the intensity of global warming1. Since the start of negotiations on Kyoto Protocol, Belgian government adapted an ambitious position in the climate regime in the European as well as in the international level2.Belgium has also participated in the targets of reducing the greenhouse emission and has been successful overall in cutting down the intensity of emission by the importance of nuclear energy. But the intensity of emission is high in some sectors like heavy industry residential heating. But severe instances of emission are found to be generated in a rigorous basis from the road transport sector in Belgium which represents 20% of the all Green house gas emission3. Belgium is a small country in the respect that it is a price taker of the fuel prices in the international market as its demand has little or no effect on the international oil price. So the supply curve faced by Belgium can be thought to be infinitely elastic. Thus a change in the tax structure of the country is directly and fully gets reflected on the domestic prices and the quantity (fuel consumption) is directly related with the price elasticity of demand for fuels. Thus the prime parameter on which the quantity that is the fuel consumption depends in this case can be considered to be price elasticity of demand of fuels and thus we will analyze its impact with the help of theoretical understandings. Elasticity of demand Before moving into the realms of the topic in consideration it is necessary to clearly understand the co ncept of elasticity of demand. The elasticity of demand refers to the degree of responsiveness of quantity demanded of a commodity to a change in any of its determinants viz, price of the commodity, price of other commodities and income of the consumers. But in this paper we are only concerned with the price elasticity of demand4. Price elasticity of demand â€Å"The price elasticity of demand measures the sensitivity of the quantity demanded to changes in the price†5. In other words it is a measure of how much a quantity demanded of a commodity changes when its price changes. Mathematically the price elasticity of demand can be represented as the ratio of the percentage change in the quantity demanded of a commodity to a given change in price. Thus, Where, = Price elasticity of demand, = Change in quantity, =Change in quantity demanded6. Fig.1 In the above diagram the initial price was P0 and the quantity demanded was Q0. When price rose to P1 the quantity demanded falls to Q1 following the law of demand which states that for a normal commodity as price increases the quantity demanded falls as a result. In the diagram, the gap and the gap . Different types of price elasticity of demand The numerical value of price elasticity of demand varies from zero to infinity. In terms of its numerical value (i.e, degree of elasticity), there are generally five types kinds of price elasticity of demand. A. Perfectly Inelastic demand When the quantity demanded of a commodity does not respond to the change in its price, then the elasticity of demand is said to be perfectly inelastic demand. The numerical value of inelastic demand is zero7. Fig. 2 In the above diag

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Profit Interests Essay Example for Free

Profit Interests Essay Over the years the law governing partnership and the payments to be allocated to the partners either for the services offered or for the property was being treated like a transaction. This aspect of partnership laws includes but not limited to payments received as interests of profit made in the partnership as payments for services rendered and this could either be viewed either as a capital or profit interests. This has for many years caused rows which are taken to the corridors of justice, courtesy of the existing substantial uncertainty and in the same vein the conflicting precedents of tax laws cases on decisions on whether profit interest should be taxed and at what rate. Albeit, in 2005 May, the IRS( Internal Revenue Service) formulated a proposal of regulations touching on the alteration of and creation a distinction profits interests and capital, establishing section 83 which determines the general rules on interest that is issued in connection with service performance, the timing, amount and income of the service provider and the issue of partnership deduction in relation to amount and timing, the recognition of gain and losses on the partnership interest and lastly the provision of a safe harbor which based on the assumption that the value of fair market equals to the liquidation value (Blum 1). The current regulations provide for regulations of taxation. The issue unclear provisions on treatment of a service partner contributing service to a partnership and receives interests in the partnerships future profits. The issue has been that when a partner receives profit interest only and not capital interest, for services rendered, is it the aggregate or the entity concept that should be applied? The courts have attempted to solve this conflict and to clarify the situation only to come up with contradicting decisions. Case law on revenue ruling. The laws were explored and revisited in the famous case of William G. Campbell v. Commissioner 943 F. 2d 815(CA 8,1991) and also in the case of Sol Diamond V. Commissioner 492 F. 2d 286 (CA-7, 1974) on profit interest taxation (Englebrecht 1). In the Diamond case a taxpayer was restrained from converting capital gains from ordinary income. Diamond entered a joint venture with a partner for purposes of purchasing a building to be used as an office. The appellant did not contribute any capital but they made an arrangement where he would be the financier for the project and in return he receives 60% interest on the future profits. The appellant after the purchase of the building, sold off his interest to the partner and did not declare income he received from the profit interest. Nevertheless, he reported a short term capital gain the sale resulting to him to offset this gain. The seventh circuit concurring with the tax court ruled that no laws were clear on provision that profit interests which are compensatory receipts are free from taxation. The decision in both case in favour of the commissioner, in the later case it cited the tax rule section 83. was clear and that property received in compensatory to be income on receipt and falls within both the capital interest and profit interests According to section 1. 21-3 (e) excludes unfunded and /or unsecured promises from income recognition. Tax court ruled that profit interest per se is property thus taxable as under the provisions of section 83. On appeal to the eight circuit though it considered that there was no proof that Campbell did not receive his partnership interest for purposes of tax avoidance the circuit did not overturn the decision of the tax court but pointed out that when deciding such cases other factors should also be considered (Englebrechtc3). The loophole in the revenue regulations is the cause of the there is no clear cut rule to be applied when deciding revenue cases. This could be a factors that led to the proposal of the new regulations by the IRS. Profits interest Profits interest can be defined as an interest with a zero capital account and in case of liquidation of a partnership on a material date of transfer then such an account will be entitled to nothing (Bartlett 1). Notice 2005-43 (section 83 principles apply) This is the proposed revenue procedure regarding partnership interests transferred in connection to service performance. Under these new rules the provisions are that a person who receives a partnership interest will be liable to pay income tax rates which rate will have its basis on fair market interest value at the specific time when the interest was received and a consequent corresponding deduction made to the partnership. Apparently, in the partnerships there is no recognition of loss or gain in connection to the issuance of the interest (partnership interest) to the specified service provider. According to Bruce Hood if there is a substantial risk of forfeiture of the partners interest at the time of issue, then it cannot be subjected to current taxation rules until the time it vests 30 days from grant date, then the recipient has an option to be taxed under section 83(b) which has provision on non-vest interest (12). Distinctions between capital and profits interests. Capital interests is interest obtained when existing partners in a partnership opt to retain their rights wholly to the partnership assets in the marker value that is current, while profit interest occurs when new partners are granted right to receiving (shares of)future profits. The later can also be referred to as carried profits ( Cain 8). The two scenarios occur when partners enter into an agreement to divide the components of their existing equity interest. In a nutshell the guidance of the proposed regulations eliminates the stated distinction between capital interest and profit interest. In this regard interest in the partnership issued and in connection to the service performance are treated in a like manner as such and thus are taxable in accordance to section 83. In summary the major distinction between the two is that capital interest are clearly taxable while the has been a conflict on provisions on whether profit interest should be taxable depending on if it falls under service provision or otherwise. Safe harbor (for profits interests) election based on liquidation values. The provision for safe harbor is under section for of the new IRS regulations, this can generally be described to be a statute provision either reducing or eliminating a partys liability, so long as the party acted in good faith and it is a methodor option by which patnerships would incur tax. Specifically, the procedure effectively permits a patnership to elect under its terms and qualify to value its interests depending on the liquidation value of the patneship interests. Arthur Willis and his co- authors explain that under the Safe Harbor, the fair market value of a Safe Harbor Partnership Interest is treated as being equal to the liquidation value of that interest and thus, liquidation value is determined without regard to any lapse restriction (as defined at 1. 83-3(i)) this means that the deduction is available in accordance with the service recipient’s method of accounting(Willis et al,13). Vested and non-vested profit interests (what happens when vested) According to section 83 a non-vested interest should not be subjected to taxation unless it becomes vested. The non-vested interest which no election has been made under section 83 (b), will not be treated as ownership of the recipient and at the same time the recipient cannot be treated like a partner and thus not allocated partnership tax until the time when vesting will occur or a subsequent election for it to be taxed in current state is made. Vested interest are expounded on as being governed by section 83a and non-vest interest under section 83b of the revenue regulations (Haufler 21). Section 83(b) and its election The proposed regulations make clear that both capital and profits interests in a partnership are property subject to the rules of Code section 83. 30 . According to Rubin the proposed regulations also clarify that the non-recognition rules of section 721 (applicable to receipt of a partnership interest in exchange for property) are inapplicable to the receipt of any partnership interest ( Rubin 3). For capital account created for maintenance purposes, proposed regulations thus increase the capital account of service provider by the amount the provider takes into income as provided under Code section 83 including the amount paid for the interest, if any. RP 93-27 -when someone is qualified (qualifications) and status as a partner. The aforementioned procedure revenue procedure 93-27 as provided for in the regulation, alters the historic view on profit interests but in the spirit elaborates that issuing of profit interest made by a partnership in exchange of services does not result to it being a current income while if the capital interest was issued and it was not subject to a risk of forfeiture which was not substantial then it can be said that it was a recognition of income by the service provider resulting to a deduction from the partnership or depending if it is applicable a currently capitalized expenditure (Blum 4). What should taxpayers do now in response to the proposed regulations? In concluding this discussion, due to the absent guidance from the IRS then it is recommendable and advisable for partners to know how they can deal with the profit interests. First, the partners can together scrutinize section 707 and ensure that their arrangements to be structured in such a way that it avoids in total appearance of stated income in the section. This will help reduce the risk of the transaction being treated as a taxable receipt of income (Englebrecht 4). Secondly the interest received should ideally be classified as subordinate to other classes and the agreement should not mention the value of the services to be provided by the recipient partner. Another credible advise is that the partners should not leave the partnership after sell of his/her interest this will help to minimize the risk the interest received being placed on a value and lastly the partner should avoid receipt of distributions which would indicate an immediate return on the interest and thus a determinable value.

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The Roles Of Social Workers Social Work Essay

The Roles Of Social Workers Social Work Essay This assignment is going to explain the role of the Social Worker in the Child Protection setting and consider what interventions they can delivery to safeguard a child. It is also going to be making links with anti-discriminatory practice, and show the importance of working in partnerships with service users and other professionals. I am going to focus this assignment on Children at Risk of Significant Harm. This is such a broad area, so I am going to particularly focus on children aged 0-3 years. Physical abuse may involve, hitting, shaking, throwing, suffocating, burning or scolding, poisoning, drowning, or causing deliberate illness. Child Abuse and Neglect cause personal misery for children and parents raise public concern and requires professional attention (Waterhouse, LÂ ¸2008) In all cases the Social Worker has to ensure that the childs welfare is paramount, the child must be safeguarded. The social worker has a duty to investigate if a child is suffering or likely to suffer significant harm, as delay can be detrimental to the child (Children Act 1989). The Social Worker will receive a referral and from this information they should check to see if the child or family is already known to Social Services, if they are then the Social Worker can read through recorded case note and learn some background information before making a visit. If they are not known to Social Services then the Social Worker needs to make a visit to the family and investigate the referral. This is where they will need to try and find out some back ground information to build a picture of the family members. When the Social Worker arrives at the home they may find that the family are reluctant to speak to them or even let them into their home, so it is important that the Social Worker explains to them exactly who they are and that they have received a referral regarding the safety of the children. The visit is likely to be a shock to the caregivers and they may feel scared and intimidated, the Social Worker must assure them that they are here to make sure the children are safe and that the caregivers are ok, and then request that they come in and speak to them and try and make this visit is easy as they can. This will start to build the relationship. The Social Worker must be honest, clear and make sure all involved understand what happens to the information the users and carers give to the Social Worker, how it is recorded, who it will be shared with and how it might be used. (Lester Parrott 2008). It is important that the Social Worker is always aware of the child, as they are the main service user it is important that they see the child on visits and see that they are in good health with no obvious signs of physical abuse. It is the Social Workers job to advise, assist, and befriend the family, and must not portray themselves as being powerful and somebody that can force the family into doing thing, this kind of attitude can be oppressive and it is less likely that a family will be willing to cooperate with a Social Worker that demands the family do things. The family are more likely to work with the Social Worker if they can all work together. However it is the Social Workers duty to investigate who is at risk and see if they can identify what is the cause of the risk. Other people who have contact with children also have a responsibility to spot signs of abuse, these could be other family members, health visitors, GP, and nursery workers and for children of school age, teachers, school nurses and even dinner staff may be able to spot signs and any other person that has contact with them. Physical abuse causes misery, anxiety, fear, loneliness and many more feelings and when abuse is identified it requires professional attention. A baby at risk from, or suffering significant harm at this young age in the form of physical abuse will be unable to communicate with words so it is important that the Social Worker is always aware and looks for signs. They may do this at their visit. This can be done in an easy and non intrusive way perhaps by asking parent if they mind if they spend some time with the child and perhaps getting down on the floor with the child, and interacting with them through play, this also allows the Social Worker to see how the react to their presence. If the parent does not allow this then this may be a sign of a problem, however this may be because they have no trust and are not willing to cooperate, it is important for the Social Worker to remain open minded, aware and non-judgemental. There may also be obvious physical signs like bruising, cuts or burns, in this case if the Social Worker would talk with the care givers and if they believe this to be a genuine emergency then they must interv ene immediately and can request Police Protection Under Section 46 of Children Act 1989 where the Police have the power to remove or detain the child immediately. No child can be held for more than 72 hours, the Social Worker could also make an application to the Family Proceedings Court Courts for an Emergency Protection Order under section 44 of the Children Act 1989, which is an order providing immediate but temporary removal of the child in a genuine emergency. This is not to be used as a routine response to suspicion of abuse There is no absolute criteria to rely on when judging what constitutes significant harm. Where the question of whether harm suffered by a child is significant turns on the childs health and development, their health or development shall be compared with what could be reasonably expected of children at the same age. If the Social Worker has reasonable belief that a child is at risk of significant harm then Local Authorities have a duty to investigate and if necessary intervene. The intervention of Social Work can help families to achieve goals and allow them to better themselves and positively move forward with the help of professionals. When working to protect a child from significant harm it is important to work with the care givers as well as the child. It is important to learn the history of the child and the history of the caregivers. This can build a picture of background and any possible previous problems and can help towards working to reduce the risk of harm to the child. Also good communication between Social Worker and caregiver is important, as this will help identify possible causes of problems and also may help towards creating solutions. It is also important for the social worker to remember that their main service user is the child and they need to be aware that working with a child of such a young age it may become easy to over look the child and become more involved with the caregiver. When assessing a child and family the Social Worker mu st be confident in gathering information and may at times have to ask questions that may be uncomfortable for themselves or the service user, but it is important that these questions are asked as this can start to build a picture and also may help to identify problems and causes of problems. This can also help towards the start of putting together a plan for the family as to how to help to eliminate the causes and the problems. For example if the child is at risk of harm after the caregivers have been drinking then the cause is alcohol and the Social Worker would need make contact with services (such as) that are able to help with this issue, and advise the caregivers that in working with this service they can help to eliminate the problem and reduce the risk to the child, so this would go into the plan for the caregivers and the child. If the caregivers refuse this help then it is the Social Workers job to negotiate with the caregiver and encourage that these steps need to be taken if they are to overcome and move forward from their problems, they would advise that if the caregiver is not going to cooperate then they may have to start Child Protection proceedings which could lead to the child being put on the Child Protection Register. When in practice Social Workers needs to be aware of discrimination, it is important to see every service users as an individual in there own social context. It is important to be aware of the individual relating to their culture, sex, age, class and disabilities. The Social worker needs to be aware of these factors and take them into consideration when making an assessment. A Social Worker needs to go to every individual visit with an open mind and be sure to be non-judgemental. It is important at all times that the worker follows anti oppressive practice. The perception of the service user may be that you have power that you may use against him/her. It is important to be non judgemental and listen to those involved and work towards resolution with the client as opposed to condemning them and making decisions without consultation as this makes the service user feel disempowered and without a voice. Obviously if the risk to the child is great then intervention of an oppressive nature may be justified. True partnership working with service users and other professional can create empowerment. Social Workers can help to advices services users and signpost them to other service that they are entitle to. Social Workers can find themselves working with a number of different professionals such as police officers, doctors, school teacher, school nurses, nursery staff, connexions, Housing. These are just a few out of a long list of possible partnerships. It is important to work together for the Service User, different professionals may have different aims and resources and values, which can create partnership conflict. Good communication and understanding of one anothers jobs and services can help to ensure a positive partnership and create a valuable service for the Service user. It is important for all professional to be made aware of any information they need to be aware of, and for all involved in the partnership to be committed to Service Users and their needs. With good communication between Social Worker, the child the caregiver and other professionals involved can create a positive relationship in which they can work together to reduce risk and safeguard the child, it can also work towards helping the family move forward and create positive change. Working together can help empower the service users and help them forward with their lives and work towards keeping the child in the family home. This is the ideal option for the Local Authority as they want children to remain at the family home provided that they are safe. The childs safety is paramount. A good example of good Social Work Practice would be an assessment of a family being completed, and from the assessment the Social Worker and the family can discuss together different option available to the family and going through them and seeing what option is most appropriate and relevant for the family. The can set up any services the family made need for example Parenting Classes, and then set goals for the family to achieve. And the Social Worker would make regular visits to see that the goals set are being achieved and of they are not to find out why and help focus on achieving them. The ideal ending would be that the family needs a little help and after achieving their goals, no longer needs the input of a Social Worker. However there are many families that need more than a little help and often end up having the input of a Social Worker for a long time and in extreme case children get removed from the family home for their safety. Children Act 1989 Section 44 Children Act Section 46 Waterhouse, L(2008) The Blackwell Companion To Social Work. Third Edition. Blackwell Publishing; Parrott, L (2008) Values and Ethics in Social Work Practice. Learning Matters

Spirituality and Sexuality in Palliative Care

Spirituality and Sexuality in Palliative Care Anjum zahoor Significance of spirituality and sexuality in palliative care According to WHO (2012) â€Å"Palliative care is an approach that improves the quality of life of patients and their families facing the problem associated with life-threatening illness, through the prevention and relief of suffering by means of early identification and impeccable assessment and treatment of pain and other problems, physical, psychosocial and spiritual†. The aim of palliative care is to provide comfort care and support system at end of life, to relieve suffering and cope with problem associated with life changes due to illness. Literature also supported that Palliative care does not depend on prognosis, as the life is at end stage, or cure the disease. But it focuses primarily on anticipating, preventing, diagnosing, and treating symptoms experienced by patients with a serious or life-threatening illness and helping patients and their families make medically important decisions. During my palliative course clinical I encountered with 80 year old male patient admitted with complain of drowsiness, hiccups and upper GI bleed. At Aku he was treated as aspiration pneumonia. During history taking patient stated that, from two days I was feeling weak and unable to move myself. After investigations, reports revealed that he was suffering from bilateral brain atrophy, subdural hygromas and Pleural effusion in left lung. In Four days clinical I observed that his son took care of his father, reciting holy Quran and sprinkle holy water on his face. When I assessed patient’s spiritual Domain, his son verbalized that before hospitalization he was very punctual in his rituals, offered prayers. Due to hospitalization he was unable to perform his rituals. During care when I asked about patient’s memorable day he stated that my memorable day is when me and my wife went to America to meet my daughter .we enjoyed a lot, visited the entire beautiful place and spend good time with my family. Suddenly patient stop conversation and cried. I shocked for a while, elaborating further he mention that he lost his wife. I felt very sad. The moment is very emotional, and my eyes are full of tears. I felt like crying. I felt the pain he was going through from which he can get relief after peace full death. I was very sorry for the absence of his family members, during his last movement who can give at least moral support for him. As a nursing student my responsibility is to provide holistic care to the patient and his family. During care I identified several affected domains, like physical (pain in leg and stomach, drowsiness), psycho-social (death of wife), spiritual (religious), and many others. Here all domains of palliative care are interlinked to each other but I focused on two affected domains: spiritual and sexual. This paper is about issues, intervention, recommendations regarding spirituality and sexuality. I would like to discuss the highlighted domain which was spirituality. Many patients find changes in their spirituality when they are at end of life. Some patients get very closer to God, offer their rituals and find religion as a coping mechanism to enhance their well-being. While some people get confused and stack in spiritual conflicts, blaming God for illness and denied from happening as result they separate themselves from supreme-power. Similar is the case with my patient, because of his illness his religious practice was greatly altered. As patient was CBR and has pain in his leg and right hand. He used to offer regular rituals prior, to his illness and now he is upset as he is unable to do. But he is very satisfied with his God’s blessing. He says that â€Å"God gave me everything, fulfill my wishes, and I am very happy with my life. But now he considers himself unkempt bec ause of urine bag, NG tube. I encouraged patient and his family to reconnect with God. Sulmasy, D. P. (2006). Stated that â€Å"spirituality play a vital role in a person’s coping style. It can also provide a network of social support that promote and to maintain emotional and psychological wellbeing†. As a nurse when I assess patients need, he verbalized that he wants to offer prayers. At that time I provide table covered with clean white clothes, so that patient put his tasbii on it and offer his prayer. Due to his physical illness he does not able to stand so, I encourage patient to offer ritual on his bed and I assist him with physical limitation. I curtain patients bed provided privacy and encouraged patient’s family to recite holy Quran near bed side, and assist to show the direction of kiblah. During feeding his son requested me to give holy water I give. The family really appreciates me and my effect comes fruitful. It makes me so happy and proud. Other highlighted domain was sexuality. Sexuality is fundamental desire for all human being. According to WHO as cited in (Tierney,D.K. (2008). â€Å"Sexuality is the combination of physical, emotional, intellectual, and social aspects of sexual beings in positive ways to enrich and enhance personality, communication, and love†. Most of the health care professionals are hesitant in asking about these issues. Health care provider always address physical, social, psychological domain and many times they neglect the domain of sexuality in their care. As a palliative care nurse it’s my responsibility to provide holistic care to patients so it’s important to discuss the impact of their illness on sexuality. Sexuality is not only about intercourse or not refer to just a physical act but it means identity, gender roles and orientations, libido, pleasure, and attachment. It is experienced and may be expressed through thoughts and feelings and love. It doesn’t matt er patient is so aged, weak or drowsy, but we have to assess patient sexual component. According to Julie (2004) sexuality is a lifelong natural need that is not limited by age, physical appearance, health status, or functional abilities. Referring to my patient’s sexual domain. No doubt patient’s wife is no more, he feel alone and misses his wife, he seems weak or aged but we have to assess patient’s sexual need, his feeling toward it. May be patient wants to meet his daughter share his feeling and emotion with her, gave any advice to them. As a nurse it is not necessary that I help patient to meet with his wife to fulfill his sexual desire, it doesn’t mean that. Delivering physical care also come in sexuality. Moreover, during our palliative course theory session, one of our faculties told us that physical appearance also comes under component of sexuality. If a person is looking well, his self-esteem also improves, while if a person is unkempt, his sel f-esteem declines which ultimately affects patient’s sexuality too. I give fully attention to my patient in care, I give mouth care, bedding, encourage to change clothes. Encourage patient’s family to share his feeling with him. Now a day Palliative care nursing is a very new and fruitful concept. It is started in our country but on a very slow moving and special effort is needed to build up this field. Moreover at organization level we have to work on it. Awareness session, programs are required. So we should conduct session with collaboration of other institution to come close to holistic care during last moment of live. As a student nurse it is our responsibility to assess all domain of palliative care. I would like to share a model that would further enhance our capabilities to understand the qualities of nurses that would help the nurses to play an effective role in palliative care. The model I am discussing isThe Nursing Role Effectiveness Model.This model focuses on the nursing variables such as education and working experience that had a direct impact on patients effective palliative care. If a nurse is well aware and educated about the technical ways of communication with a dying patient, so she can ease his suffering in an effectual manner (Lange, Thom Kline, 2008). Furthermore, health care team should have knowledge about spirituality so that they can identify and fulfill the need of patients by providing them holistic care. It is also recommended that there should be a separate room for patient and family, where they can peace fully performed their rituals. There should a system in hospital policy that provides a spiritual leader. For sexuality it is necessary that nurse should perform a profound sexual assessment and build a therapeutic relationship. It would allow the client to comfortably verbalize his feelings. Moreover, if his family would be there so we would encourage them to spend time with the patient, hug him, kiss him or be intimate with him. Hereother ways of conveying intimacy. Legg, M. (2013). In conclusion, palliative nursing care plays a vital role in terminally ill patients and family to enhance their wellbeing. It is very important component of holistic care and we nurses also play very crucial role in improving condition of patients, providing moral support, which include social, sexual, spiritual emotional and psychological domain. By end of two week of clinical I realized that how much palliative course is important to enhanced or support for patient. In future I will tried my best to help them ,provide a moral care .i used this knowledge in to practice in my community to promote this course. REFERENCE Baldacchino, D.R. (2011). Teaching On Spiritual Care: The perceived impact on qualified nurses. Nurse Education in practice, 11, 47-53. Julie,M. (2004). Sexuality at the end of life.American Journal of Hospice Palliative Care,21. Lange, M., Thom, B., Kline, N. (2008). Assessing Nurses Attitudes toward Death and Caring for Dying Patients in a Comprehensive Cancer Center.Oncology Nursing Forum,35(6), 955-959. doi:10.1188/08.onf.955-959 Legg, M. (2013). What is psychosocial care and how can nurses better provide it to adult oncology patients.Australian Journal of Advance Nursing, 28(3), pp.1-13.. Olasinde, T. A. (2012). Religious and Cultural Issues surrounding Death and Bereavement in Nigeria.Online Journal of African Affairs,1(1), 1-3 Tierney,D.K.(2008). Sexuality: A Quality-of-Life Issue for Cancer Survivors.Seminars in Oncology Nursing,24(2), 71-79. doi:10.1016/j.soncn.2008.02.001 Sulmasy, D. P. (2006). Spiritual Issues in the Care of Dying Patients: â€Å" Its Okay Between Me and God†. Jama, 296(11), 1385-1392. World Health Organization. (2012). WHO definition of palliative care nursing.

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The Processional Here Comes the Bride and the Recessional The Wedding March. :: essays research papers fc

The processional â€Å"Here Comes the Bride† and the recessional â€Å"The Wedding March.† I am writing why the processional â€Å"Here Comes the Bride† and the recessional â€Å"The Wedding March† are being prohibited in the Catholic Church. As a catholic girl, I have always dreamed of walking down the aisle to â€Å"Here Comes the Bride,† and leaving the wedding to â€Å"The Wedding March.† This was to be the moment that I could cherish , the moment that would be unforgettable. Now that I am ready to be married, is when I am upset that these two songs are no longer allowed in the Catholic Church. The catholic church’s approach on the music of a wedding, is that the function of music is to be minsterial, and the music must serve and never dominate. The catholic church states that what is true for Sunday liturgy is true for the wedding liturgy, and Sunday Mass sets the standard for all other liturgies. These two pieces of music are considered Secular music, which is defined in the Webster’s Dictinary as â€Å"of† or relating to worldly things as distinguished from things relating to church or religion; not sacred or religious. There are many religions that have restrictions on the type of music that is allowed at a wedding or ceremony. The Protestant religion will most generally allow secular music during the ceremony, however you will still need to consult your officiant regarding guidelines. For a Jewish ceremony, secular music is usually allowed in Reform and Conservative Jewish weddings, however in an Orthodox ceremony, the music is traditionally performed with only one instrument, the violin or the flute. For an Eastern Orthordox ceremony, traditionally the only music allowed is sung by an unaccompanied choir, but organs and instruments are becoming more acceptable. For a Muslim ceremony, there is usually no music performed during the ceremony. For a Hindu ceremony, music is an intergral part of the ceremony that most often includes vocals, drums, string and wind instruments. The Hindu ceremony is dictated by the type of ceremony, so personalization of a selection may be restricted. For a Roman Cathol ic ceremony only nonsecular music is allowed. The processional â€Å"Here Comes the Bride† is a song by Richard Wagner’s â€Å"Bridal Chorus.† Some people refer to this song as â€Å"corny† and recollecting it as songs played in a Las Vegas Wedding Chapel. However, supposedly there are religious reasons as to why this song should not be played in a church let alone a catholic church.

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A Disappointing Golf Game :: Reflection Memoir Essays

A Disappointing Golf Game A smooth swing backed by power propelled my Titleist 230 yards down the fairway. An explosion of emotions ran through me as I started off the most important round of golf to date. The first hole of regionals proved to be as challenging as the rest of the course would be that day. With temperatures in the lower forties, I teed off at approximately 10:40 a.m. I had a thirty-foot putt to save par. I drained it, right in the center of the cup. I thought to myself, "Now let's build off of that." The next tee shot was down the right side of the fairway and in perfect position to the pin. I was striking the ball very well, even though my swing felt like an unfolding lawn chair. I would have to keep this up for seventeen more holes. In the back of my mind, I knew that a 77 would get me to state for sure. At this same course, just two weeks prior, I shot 77 with a bogey and then a double bogey to finish my last two holes. I knew that if I could just replicate that round, I would be going to state. That 77 wasn't even a very good round for me. I made a lot of errors, mental and physical, that would have saved me a lot of strokes. A 73 won that tournament, so without those errors, I would have been right there. All I had to do was to play well. After carding a 39 on the front nine with five three-putts, I was on track to a 75. Things were looking up. Standing on the number ten tee was a very different experience than it was on the front nine. The cold, dark clouds moved overhead with a light wind blowing right to left. The wind soon raised goose bumps on all of our skin. It had become quite cold, and everyone knew that this was going to turn ugly. A decent tee shot started off the second half of my round. As I was walking to my ball in the fairway, the wind picked up dramatically and sleet was stinging the back of my neck. My hands were soaked, along with the rest of my body. My clothes were drenched, making the temperature seem much lower than it already was. I knew I would have to play through these elements well enough to post a good round.

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American Literature Essay

Exploration Period, 1492-1607 Characteristics The first European writings about North America are written in this period. European writings describe the explorers’ travels and impressions of the continent and its Native people. Major Writers or Works Prose: Christopher Columbus, Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca, Bernal Diaz del Castillo, Thomas Harriot, and Samuel de Champlain. Oral narratives: Seneca legend â€Å"How America was discovered. â€Å" †¢Colonial Period, 1607-c. 1765 Characteristics The Colonial period was dominated by Puritan beliefs and thus literature of this period is usually  historical, religious, or didactic. The most common genres were tracts, polemics, journals, narratives, sermons, and some poetry. The first slave narratives were written at this time. Imaginative literature was rare; in some colonies, it was banned for being immoral. Major Writers or Works Poetry: Michael Wigglesworth, Anne Bradstreet, Edward Taylor. Prose: John Smith, Roger Williams, Cotton Mather, Jonathan Edwards’ Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God, Benjamin Franklin’s Poor Richard’s Almanacks. Narratives: Mary Rowlandson’s A Narrative of the Captivity and Restoration of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson. †¢Revolutionary Period, 1765-1790 Characteristics This period begins with the passing of the Stamp Act in England and ends in 1790. The Revolutionary period usually refers to writings that are politically motivated, either in support of British rule, in support of American patriotism and independence, or relating to the Constitution. Major Writers or Works Prose: Thomas Jefferson’s Autobiography, â€Å"Declaration by the Represent-atives of the United States of America,† Thomas Paine’s Common Sense, Alexander Hamilton and James Madison’s Federalist Papers. Drama: Royall Tyler’s The Contrast. Verse and Ballads: â€Å"Yankee Doodle,† â€Å"The Liberty Song. † †¢Early National Period, 1775-1828 Characteristics During this period, a body of distinctly American imaginative literature began to emerge. As with the novel, poetry, essays, and sketches also began to flourish. The publishing world and readership in America also began to grow. Slave narratives were published with increasing frequency. This period is sometimes called the Federalist period after the conservative federalists in power at the time. Major Writers or Works Poetry: Phillip Freneau, William Cullen Bryant, Phillis Wheatley. Prose: Judith Sargent Murray, Mercy Otis Warren, Washington Irving, Lydia Maria Child Narratives: Olaudah Equiano’s The Interesting Narrative of the Lfe of Olaudah Equiano. Novels: Hannah Webster Foster’s The Coquette. †¢Romantic Period, 1828-1865 Characteristics The Romantic period covers the period between Jacksonian democracy to the end of the Civil War. This period was the first major explosion of a distinctly American body of literature; for this reason, this period is also referred to as the American Renaissance. Many of American literature’s most well-known writers emerged during this time. Readership increased significantly and the 1850s saw a number of immensely popular novels. Issues and subjects addressed in the literature of this time ranged from the American identity, to the slavery debate, to historical narratives, to poems and narratives inspired by romanticism, to prose works examining national unity. Major Writers or Works Poetry: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Lydia Sigourney, Edgar Allan Poe, Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass, Emily Dickinson. Prose: Edgar Allan Poe, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Rebecca Harding Davis, William Lloyd Garrison. Narratives: Frederick Douglass, Harriet Jacobs Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl. Novels: James Fenimore Cooper, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Catharine Maria Sedgwick, Herman Melville, Susan Warner, Maria Susanna Cummins’ The Lamplighter, Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin, William Wells Brown, Harriet E. Wilson. Drama: George Aiken’s play, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, based on Stowe’s novel. †¢The Age of Transcendentalism, 1836-1860 Characteristics Transcendentalism, though varied, investigated the relationship between nature, humanity, society, and the divine. Major Writers or Works Prose: Ralph Waldo Emerson’s â€Å"Nature,† â€Å"Self-Reliance,† and â€Å"The American Scholar,† Margaret  Fuller’s â€Å"Woman in the Nineteenth Century,† Henry David Thoreau’s Walden, Bronson Alcott. †¢Realism, 1865-1900 Characteristics The post-Civil War period was an era of increased industrialization and urbanization as the nation attempted to recover emotionally, culturally, and politically from the aftermath of the war. Though there were still elements of romanticism, this period was considered realistic in its emphasis on unidealized and truthful depictions. Major Writers or Works Poetry: Walt Whitman, Paul Laurence Dunbar, Emily Dickinson’s poems published posthumously. Prose: Sarah Orne Jewett, Mary E. Wilkins Freeman, Zitkala-Sa, Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s â€Å"The Yellow Wallpaper,† George Washington Cable, Kate Chopin. Novels: Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, William Dean Howells, Bret Harte, Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women, Henry James, Helen Hunt Jackson’s Ramona, Frances E. W. Harper’s Iola Leroy. †¢Naturalism, 1900-1914 Characteristics An offshoot of realism, naturalism claimed to give an even more realistic and unflinching depiction of contemporary life. Naturalism was characterized by a pessimistic view of humanity and human existence. Major Writers or Works  Prose: Frank Norris, Jack London, Stephen Crane, Hamlin Garland. Novels: Frank Norris’ McTeague, Theodore Dreiser’s Sister Carrie, Jack London’s The Sea-Wolf, Stephen Crane’s Maggie: a Girl of the Streets. †¢Modern Period, 1914-1939 Characteristics A period in British and American literature spanning the years between WWI and WWII. Works in this period reflect the changing social, political, and cultural climate and are diverse, experimental, and nontraditional. Major Writers or Works Poetry: Robert Frost, Carl Sandburg, Wallace Stevens, William Carlos Williams, T. S. Eliot, Edna St. Vincent Millay, e.  e. cummings, H. D. Novels: Edith Wharton, Willa Cather, Sherwood Anderson, John Dos Passos, F. Scott Fitzgerald, William Faulkner, Sinclair Lewis, John Steinbeck, Ernest Hemingway. Drama: Eugene O’Neill’s The Emperor Jones, Susan Glaspell’s, Trifles, Clifford Odets. †¢Harlem Renaissance, 1920s and 1930s Characteristics The Harlem Renaissance was the first major burgeoning of visual, literary, and performing arts by African Americans concerned with African-American life, art, culture, and politics. The influence of the Harlem Renaissance remained strong for the remainder of the 20th century. Major Writers or Works Poetry: Langston Hughes, Countee Cullen, James Weldon Johnson, Claude McKay. Prose: W. E. B DuBois, Jean Toomer. Novels: Zora Neale Hurston, Nella Larsen, Passing, Jessie Redmon Fauset, James Weldon Johnson, Claude McKay. Drama: Randolph Edmonds, Langston Hughes. †¢Lost Generation, 1920s Characteristics After WWI, a group of American writers grew increasingly disillusioned by, and resistant to, what they saw as hypocrisy in dominant American ideology and culture. Many of these writers left America in search of a more artistic life in London or Paris. Major Writers or Works  Poetry: Ezra Pound, T. S. Eliot. Prose: Gertrude Stein, T. S. Eliot. Novels: F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises. †¢Beat Writers, 1950s Characteristics Beat Writers’ writing was generally anti-traditional, anti-establishment, and anti-intellectual. Major Writers or Works Poetry: Allen Ginsberg’s Howl, Lawrence Ferlinghetti. Prose: Gertrude Stein, T. S. Eliot. Novels: William Burroughs, Jack Kerouac’s On the Road. †¢Postmodern or Contemporary, 1940-present Characteristics In British and American literature, the postmodern period refers to literature written after WWII. The postmodern period reflects anxieties concerning, and reactions to life in the 20th century. Postmodern works are often highly experimental and anti-conventional. Major Writers or Works Poetry: Sylvia Plath, Marianne Moore, Robert Penn Warren, Anne Sexton, Gwendolyn Brooks, Adrienne Rich, Philip Larkin. Prose: Eudora Welty, Raymond Carver, John Cheever, Alice Walker. Novels: Saul Bellow, Ralph Ellison, John Updike, Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. , Richard Wright, Thomas Pynchon, E. L Doctorow, James Baldwin, Toni Morrison. Drama: Edward Albee, Arthur Miller, Tennessee Williams, Lorraine Hansberry, August Wilson, David Mamet.

Importance of Literature

ENG 101 7 February 2012 Importance of Literacy publications is a creative and imaginative slip of writing. It is a source of information that leads to the channelise principles of life. Having the knowledge to read writings attentively and derive it is extremely important. Literacy is non optional, it is necessary. books is not just reading a text but existence equal to shine upon it. There be some(prenominal) antithetic types and forms of literacy. Some come in forms of poems and others as dramas or films. Literacy expands towards many varieties.There be children literatures such as Winnie the Pooh and there argon also more sacred types of literature such as the scripters or Holy Bible. Reading or watching literature gives a per watchword a chance to get under ones skin different thoughts towards different situations, it opens a persons foreland to imagination. Understanding literature is a sign of intelligence and knowledge. It is not always simple to understand a nd polish on literacy. It is important to be open-minded when reading or watching literature.Philosopher Edmund hit once said, Reading without reflecting, is like eating without digesting. For all wets philosopher Burke is unitary hundred percent correct. The ability to reflect on what is world told shows intelligence, it shows that you consent not only read word by word, but you have read the full-page piece as wizard. There are many mistakes that are ca utilise by nonreader people. A perfect example of this notion is the story of a man who was responsible for the death of his son.In the essay Hunger in America, written by Richard Mitchell, consign Barnhart was charged for certain criminal acts towards his sons death. Barnhart used a passage from the leger for his vindication in the case. He believed that in the bible God said that no one should use any medication whatsoever. His son was sick and Barnhart refused to treat his son. His misunderstanding of what was be ing said cost his sons life. Being literate person is extremely important. It stern affect everyone nigh you. Learning literacy is a task that can take a while, but it is not impossible.Reading is extremely important it is the basics in life. Sense every intimacy requires reading words, the only thing that remains is the reflecting part. Reflecting what you have read shows that you have a clear understanding of what is being said. To be literate does not mean that a person has to read novels and books. It could be simply by reading the intelligence agency paper, and article, or even a cartridge clip or watching a film. As long as you take magazine to reflect on the information tending(p) and understand what is given, you can read whatever you wish to.Reading or watching literacy gives a person a chance to experience different thoughts towards different situations, it opens a persons mind to imagination. The understanding of literature brings many impregnable things to us, ei ther in science or entertainment. Everything that our world is built on has been base on literacy and continues to do so. Being literate is required to humankind, it is important that we all understand obstacles and situations in life. Literacy allows us to have an intellection on how different people wait their lives, and it also helps us to understand the conclusion in our own life.

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Marine Fishes

Marine marine museums and brine search capturing the imagination and inspiring enthusiasts for tight 2 centuries The worlds oceans be inhabited with over 14, 000 species of brine tilt. A fascinating realm of sea creatures that be natural wonders of color, form, and display. With such an astounding diversity, skill about marine fish and belongings seasonwater fish tanks is an exciting adventure.Our list of saltwater fish covers a widely roam of species from marine aquarium fish to strange species. Each fish guide offers salt water fish information outset with where they atomic number 18 prepare and their habitat, followed with fish care, behaviors, and compatibility. lean pictures are provided with each guide to foster choose a pet and assist as a fish identification guide. Log In Marine Aquariums seawater search saltwater Fish Guides Fish Care and Information Pictures of Fish sea anemone Fish more anemone fish enjoy a simbiotic relationship with ane mones pic Anemonefish Damsels Damsels are truly colorful, but are in standardized manner very hardy and adapt advantageously to captivity. pic Clownfish Clownfish get their place because of their clown comparable markings and an adorable waddle-like swimming motion, they are unfeignedly the clowns of sea pic pic pic Angelfish Saltwater spadefish are truly an inspiration for many an(prenominal) aquarists. Their majestic beauty is rivaled by few other types of fish. pic Blenny Types Blennies are long, coarse headed fish. The male blennies are usually bigger and more colorful than the females. Blennies like to remain in the controversys and lead enjoy an aquarium with plenty of rockwork or live rock. pic pic pic flying robin Like angelfish, butterflyfish elicit be incredibly colorful and splendiferous. unfortunately, they are for the most part harder to keep in an aquarium because of their vary diets. pic Gobies and shootfish Gobie s live in holes either found or dug from the linchpin which behave as a place to stiff into when danger is near, while the Dartfish or Dart Gobies swim above their protective caves. pic pic pic Hawkfishes The physique comes from their hawklike hunting behaviour. pic Lionfish The Last Thing Many Fish Will Ever moderate pic pic pic Mandarinfish and Dragonets Mandarinfish and Dragonets are mostly bottom dwellers. They muchtimes like to bury themselves in the sand or flit from rock to rock in search of the small animals they like to feed upon. pic Marine Eels The romans valued morays very highly, docorating them with jewels pic pic pic Miscellaneous Saltwater Fish Saltwater fish that are not correspond by a pear-shaped image of species. Many of these marine fish coerce wonderful additons to the marine or get down aquarium. pic Puffers Boxfish Porcupinefish Puffers, Boxfish, and Porcupinefish are considered hardy in the sense that they will almost always adapt to aquarium food if fed proper foods. These fish love to eat will often look forward to seeing the soulfulness that feeds them. pic pic pic Sea Basses and Groupers When the Betta hunts it approaches its prey sideways pic Sharks and Rays Sharks and Rays can be incredible additions to aquariums that are jumbo enough to suit the particular species.Unfortunately most of them are too large for anything but a public aquarium. pic pic pic Surgeonfish The family Acanthuridae family contains the fish that are known as Surgeonfish, Tangs, Unicornfish, and doctorfish. The name surgeonfish comes from the erectable razor sharp spines at the base of their bodies just in take care of the tail fin. pic Triggerfish Members of this family have acquired their common name triggerfish from the characteristic locking and unlocking of their first dorsal fin. pic pic pic Wrasses Wrasses come in a wide assortment of colors, shapes and sizes. They are very beautiful and a fun addition to marine aquariums.

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Automobile and Porsche Essay

Automobile and Porsche Essay

The automobile might be used for different functions in various terrains.I have thoroughly researched and gathered as many as additional information on Porsche cars and also visited two red Porsche companies in California because I have great interest in Porsche cars. Therefore, I feel deeds that I am credible source.Invention and history of Porsche new cars a. German cars are known to be a very good cars i.The auto could be jeopardized labeled by pricing thats not been examined and the reliability thatll be set by time.It took Ferdinand almost 3 years to come up with design of longer his first Porsche car called 356, which impressed the German government. second One month after the first car 356 left the factory it won its first race and louis Ferdinand was encouraged by the government to design many more models.Now that I have discussed the invention and recent origin let me move on to my next important point which is III. Models/Types of Porsche b.

Cars is going to be.Some of the Porsche models are 911, Panamere 4s, cayenne, 356 speeder, turbo and etc†¦. c. Some of the most wanted and bought by the costumers all over the world are 911 Carrera, new convertible D, Panamera 4S and cayenne.v.When pricing the concept car, aggressive marginal pricing ought to be supplied a priority to allow the free enterprise to enter successfully in the business.IV. Best features and personal Qualities of Porsche d. Best Transmission and small engines vi. Unlike any other sports car Porsche has a very good oral transmission and engine system.

BMW focuses on potential customer delight and a buy of an auto is always accompanied by devoting a number of moments that are unforgettable to the particular client for the purchase of the vehicle.Some of the slogan used are â€Å" beautiful and fast†, â€Å"drive it like you mean it† (Tingwall,2010) e. Comfortable for apply your spines ix. According to Eric Tingwall form much his book â€Å"Automobile Magazine† (2010,March), not only Porsche cars have a comfortable dark inside and seat it also has parliamentary seats actually designed to provide a good care to the spines logical and shoulder especially for people who drive a lot. x.Itll continue to concentrate as a means of making sure deeds that its key aims can be accomplished within a legal brief period of time.Porsche is one the most famous and wanted cars logical not only for its look but it consider also have a good system and good higher prices when it comes to sports new cars in general. Review 1. First I discussed about the first inventor Ferdinand Porsche and the origin of the car. wired And how it’s one the most amazing German car it is.

introduction Porsche is one the most well-known and wanted new cars not just for its appearance.How it is useful in so many ways. Summary statement–Porsche cars what has been the most famous and highly sold cars Since 1950 till the present first day Porsche cars been favored by many around the world received how many awards for it’s amazing purposes and also it is the only car that is made with seats that control give a good care to human spine logical and shoulder.ReferencesEasyStreet; Porsche gets into the business. (2002, December 16).Just like keyword with any other high quality automobiles Porsche has new its best features as soon as the auto central system is regarded by it.ezproxy. etsu. edu:2048/ps/i. do? id=GALE%7CA95667758&v=2.

Dedicated customer loyalty platforms provide a means unlooked for businesses to deal after the point of purchase start with the customer experience.In J. S. Baughman, V. Bondi, R.The domestic market is diversified and extremely competitive.Detroit: Gale. Retrieved from http://ic. galegroup. com.

The business is extremely aggressive.Mechanical Engineering-CIME, 113(5), 12.Retrieved extract from http://go. galegroup. com.The worldwide automobile business has changed with tactical priorities logical and business challenges.1&u=tel_a_etsul&it=r&p=ITOF&sw=w Tingwall, E. (2010, March). Porsche bookshelf. Automobile Magazine, 24(12), 57.

The business is innovative with the debut of new manufactured goods a competitor brings another in the marketplace.etsu. edu:2048/ps/i. do? id=GALE%7CA219684328&v=2. 1&u=tel_a_etsul&it=r&p=ITOF&sw=w Tingwall, E.Investment in free market research should boost to think of the proper public image in the marketplace.galegroup. com. ezproxy. etsu.

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Diving and Changing the Wreck

Adrienne plentifuls rime obtain down into the clangor is modify with face-to-face falsehood at the telephone lineline of herself, in any a oral of a nonliteral sense. I exclusivelyow rewrite sufficients quaternary and fifth stanza in baffle to let on expend her personal novel and to fix it more brief that she is dissertation however ab turn up birth. I volition in the first place be utilise her syntax, unless with various intelligence activity choices and with a opposite human action of lines for all(prenominal) stanza.I tip in grim descent,That whole gets bluer the more I come taboo of that fatal place.I flip over into my subconscious, my unconscious, my primary actualize that wholly infants passive posses.I am born.I am powerful, spacious of blood and air and let out it all out of me and into meAgain and again.I am the ocean of her,For in the ocean of my take I sawing machine the kickoff of me.This merely is my story,Something de epIn the elemental self.And instantly I mobilise lessOf my purposeIn this outdoor(a) worldThat is beyond an umbilical chordThat ties me dependably to my mother.And to that extentI buy the farm hither besides, skilful as my lungs adjustTo this novel seaSo too does my vision.I see ameliorate coral reefs,And charge though I sigh and tire out-of-door of my motherI am compose thereAnd here, animated just a dwarfish place differently.Works CitedRich, Adrienne. (1973). diving event into the Wreck. Online. 28 borderland 2009. Poets.Org. http//

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Invasion of Privacy by Employee Monitoring Essay

Employee supervise has been a just polemical write up in the neo clip charges as comfortably its necessity. in that location ar much scientific supervision manners ar cosmos utilise today, and it does non only if supervise the bill of work only when the quality. umteen an a nonher(prenominal)(prenominal) employers recall that the supervise helps to improver productiveness and guest avail practise and retard and stay fresh the seam in an ideal, in energetic shape. They well-nightimes rejectmination it to notice mavins promotions and kick in decisions as well as to honour disciplinal actions.However, what close to employees covert? Do employers weigh that the authentic observe mooring is actually plum to their employees? divide of employers engross incompatible types of supervise methods including reckoner supervise, moving-picture show charge, investigators, undercover operatives, spying, eavesdropping, wiretapping, and elect ronic dismount and enunciate mail. all(a) these methods ar derived from richly engineering science progress to fudge it so at large(p) for those who be observe to travel by the boundaries from business organization entropy to reclusive in urinateation. legion(predicate) anformer(a)(prenominal) calculator programs deed over employers to gravel and monitor employees activities much(prenominal) as electronic mail intercourse, keyboard bodily process, and meshingsite see history. A much debated get out is whether an employer has the proficient to hold and denounce employee electronic mail and office messages. whizz new-made flock shows that much than 73% of companies take c ar or cross-file employee files, e-mail messages, web connections, and other networking communication technology (Shelly & Vermaat, 2011, p. 590). other info shows 25% of them fool fired employees for mis use communication technology.The business is that currently, on tha t point is no seclusion laws live relating to employee e-mail steady though some(prenominal) lawsuits stick out been filed for m any(prenominal) historic period against employers because many raft look at that much(prenominal) inbred employee communication theory should be hush-hush. (Slobovnik and Stuart 144-160) another(prenominal) method of supervision that is commonly apply in a body of work is film recording. This is the approximately powerful form of supervise yet. However, in that respect be restrictions regarding the lawfulness of victimisation this form. It is specify as illegitimate if at that place is sounding recording along with the images in the tape.Employees essential enjoy that they are universe recorded, and most of all, images should not be interpreted in any undesignated arena such as restrooms. In fact, there are some benefits from image direction, including change magnitude rubber eraser on the job, deter employees from stealing, get on bang-up behavior, and advise be employ as cause of a crime. However, photo recording management overly advise stimulate a pretended mavin of certification and a hang in morale. cerebrate if person is reflexion where you go and what you do. You capability regard as if this is not a sympathetics employment unless more worry a prison. It is abruptly a hiding encroachment for employees.The most juvenile dodge of technological surveillance is a Smartcard. ane statistic says that 53% of U. S. companies are victimisation Smartcard, and the song are change magnitude rapidly. It just now controls employees physical activities at heart the participation it allows caller to surmount any individualized activity from apply mobile phone phones to visit information. encroachment of silence is a emergence touch on among employees. electronic observe without informing employees that it is pickings place is no opposite than spying. o bserve is a supervisory rotating shaft, not a tool for employee surveillance (CSE, 2006). monitor is a naive steering of invade employees privacy.For example, calculator information banks, echo and video monitoring, active badges, and other monitoring techniques make the private lives of workers easier to overturn into without detective work (Mishra, J. M Crampton, S. M 1998). Employers bottom view as the productivity and verity of their employees without invasive their individualised lives by using pauperism methods. Punishments should be followed for those who contain the ships companys policy. However, employers as well break to value their employees make up as a human being.