Saturday, July 27, 2019

Plato Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Plato - Research Paper Example They even shared a common philosophical belief. Stated otherwise, medieval philosophy was a combination of principles from the three societies—the Greek East, Jewish and the Islamic. On the part of Greek East influence, there were many philosophers who served as the instrument to spread its ideology. The first one to heed this call was Socrates, followed by Plato (student of Socrates) then continued by Aristotle (student of Plato). A chain of influence was seemingly transferred from one generation to the other. With regard to Plato, he was able to influence the Middle Ages by his dialogues and creation of an academy. His academy was the â€Å"first institution of higher learning in the Western world† (â€Å"Plato†). On the other hand, Plato’s dialogues were observed to be mere reiteration of his teacher’s philosophy. The dialogues tackled both social and political issues of societies. Notably, during the Middle Ages, there was a call for a deviation from the path of classical learning. It was the period between the Classical Age and Renaissance (Hines). Europe then experienced a change of ideology within its society. The body politic that was once focused on Classical principles was transformed into a community that longed for new avenues towards development. Learning was made open to everyone interested. An emphasis was made with regard to education. Plato’s idea on education was revived but with modifications. Education was not just made available to certain class of people. The strict application of principles was then abrogated. The European community believed that an open access to education is advantageous to all its members. As such, scholars were allowed to use varied methods to institute learning. Moreover, administration of education was not just limited to government authorities. Religious congregations especially those who believe in Christianity have made their own schools. This became the starting point of the establishment

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