Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Philosophy (Theory of knowledge) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 1

Philosophy (Theory of knowledge) - Essay Example First, reason is an objective and powerful decision tool for any body in any areas of life. As written by several authors, I believe that reason is a way of knowing what is right and wrong; what is true and not true; what is valid and not valid; and what is good and bad. As such, anybody could be guided in what to do by reasoning. For example, the decision to help others in need might be both good and bad. Taking for instance the giving of help to a sick person who is hungry. Giving the food asked is good because it will fill his hunger but this could be bad if the kind of food, the time of giving, and the way the food is to be taken are not in accordance with the doctor’s prescription. The reason(s) to help will assist the person in appropriately deciding whether to give or not the food, and if the person should give, what kind of food; when should the food be given; and in what manner should the food be taken. Likewise, in rearing a child, the decision whether to punish or n ot is based on the parents’ motives and manners of discipline which consist of reasons. Further, the decision of going to school and performing best is arrived if a person desires to prepare for the future. Hence, one can manage a better life by advantageously using reason as a guide in decision making. Second, reason is a clear or open inference to support claims and this is so because it is based on facts. Koukl says â€Å"we draw inferences based on cause and effect, or we draw conclusions by employing the laws of rationality.†1 Along this notion, Koukl cited the example that â€Å"square circles can not exist† to emphasize the law of non-contradiction. Consequently, genuine fact is tantamount to certainty which leads to a conclusion that can not be contradicted. For example, in claiming for

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