Tuesday, October 1, 2019

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An Unforgettable Summer    Many people often mention the fact that everyone in their life time will have an unforgettable summer. Well, this seemed plausible after the summer I spent in Seoul, Korea. This trip is thus far the best summer in my lifetime that I have ever had the opportunity to be a part of. I remember from the first meeting spot for my own delegation in Portland, Oregon; how I came to meet new people from all around the United States. The trip was off to a success ever since we left for Korea from the Portland Airport and my adventure was underway. I love flying, but I gained new meaning when the initial flight took about 13 hours. However, this was great because it gave many people from my delegation to mingle together and become better acquainted with one another. I know for me it helped tremendously because I am a demure person at times, so as the flight progressed I grew more comfortable with everyone.    As my memory begins to extend even further I distinctly remember arriving at the Seoul Airport where we were befriended by some fellow residents of Korea involved with the Science Festival. As the first week was underway it was an incredible feeling as I interacted with many people from other countries and observed science lectures, and presentations. I remember seeing some excellent projects that were amonngst my own as we participated in the student presentation portion of the festival. One great moment for me was the talent show, where many countries presented themselves as a cultural representative of their native land. I remember I was supposed to perform in addition to presenting my science research report, but there was not enough time for every single person to perform, so I could not showcase my vocal talent. However, one day we took a fieldtrip to one of the Seoul high schools and there were various people on the chartered bus from different countries, so people start singi ng karokee on the machine that was on the bus. So needless to say I did my own rendition of a popular American song and I was surprised to see the huge reaction out of everyone because so many people knew the song and cheered along. Many people also loved the fact that I sang it without the music because I performed it acapella.

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