Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Lynching Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Lynching - Essay Example And on that same day, residents claim that one of the thieves was captured and was set on fire resulting to the act of public lynching. Residents did this brutal act of public lynching because police didn’t give them enough protection and that the residents claimed justice into their own hands. Residents claim that the police in their community are corrupt and would not protect them if there was no corresponding amount of money involved. The residents protested and didn’t report to their work the following day. They have invited the police in their town to have a meeting and to settle the issue between the police and the community. During the meeting the residents demanded that the police protection in their community should be improved, that the stolen goods should be returned to its owners once the thief that was set on fire discharges out of the hospital, that the police stationed in their community are changed and that the robbers named â€Å"banda† will be e victed in Villa Pagador. After the burning on one of the robbers, the residents were labeled by the police and the media as savages. The residents had a furious reaction to this because they were the ones who were robbed and that they only took justice in their own hands because there was no way they could depend on the police as stated above, and now they are the ones being projected as dreadful people. Residents claim that the police in their community are being paid by the â€Å"banda† to give way on the robbery operations, that’s why the residents wanted to change the set of police in their community. These are the driving forces that lie behind the quest for visibility on the part of Villa Pagador residents. The residents in Villa Pagador are trying to achieve legitimate police protection and to change their image as savages. That’s why they showed there way of protesting through public lynching

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