Friday, October 18, 2019

Does society still marginalize women to the point that they are seen Essay

Does society still marginalize women to the point that they are seen as mere housewives - Essay Example As seen in the research conducted by Brady, it is arguable that the society has continually demeaned the woman in various ways (1-2). In the work, Brady explains how men are chauvinistic and prejudiced in their approach to women. This results from the man’s efforts to make sure that the woman is made a wife by giving her all the responsibilities within the home, as well as fulfill the needs of the man. It is astonishing how the woman is expected to work, and send her husband to school and still take care of the children while the husband is in school (Brady 1-2). In this case one can easily tell that the life of the woman revolves around caring for the man and all his needs as opposed to her own needs. The men aim at to improving their education statuses which will ultimately see to their economic empowerment as the women stay at home. This aspect is indeed discriminatory and continues to contain the woman within the household acting as a housewife. Similarly, the same sentiments are shared by the film, Damsel in Distress part 1, that gives the impression that women are extremely passive and cannot do anything on their own. The film continues to explain how women always wait for their male counterparts to rescue them in different contexts (Damsel in Distress part 1). Does this mean that the women cannot outdo their male counterparts? Is the notion of the woman being passive valid? These thoughts add to Brady’s thoughts that the society is continually working towards making the women mere housewives. Correspondingly, the work of Kathleen Deveny validates the thesis that the society continually treats women as mere housewives. In her work, Deveny explains how the women are expected to behave in the society using a real example of the soccer game (24). The game has been described as one that should not be linked with women in any way. Women who are

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