Monday, October 21, 2019

Summer Vacation essays

Summer Vacation essays When an author writes a story, the way he chooses to narrate it can affect the way a reader views it. In the book Summer Vacation by Christopher Wolfberg there is a 16 year-old boy named Jack Sosco, who narrates the story. Jack lives in Phoenix Arizona, and does not have many friends. Jack has a low self-esteem and is always finding things wrong with anything that happens. One summer Jack and his family decide to go vacation. Jack complains but his mom and dad make him go. It wasnt anywhere far just a place to get away for a little while. The fact that Jack tells the story makes me look at it in a different way. Jack was always questioning things and dint let any one mess around with him. His parents were the total opposite of Jack. His mother and father were very nice people with many friends. His mother was on the school board and his father helped out the shelter in a town near by on Friday nights and Sunday mornings. Jack kept saying through out the book that he wished that he lived alone and the way he wants to but realized in the end that he has to think about other people rather then himself. Jack told the story in a kind of negative way in that nothing was good enough for him. It made me think of things differently in the book. When he was in the car he would say all about how bad the ride was and that he wants to go home when it was a half hour drive. Also when the car had a flat tire and he had to help his dad change in on a very hot day. In another way was when one morning he woke up in the hotel room and his mom and his dad went out sight seeing with out him. Jack tried to act like he didnt care and sight seeing was stupid but in fact he was a little upset. If his mom would of told the story she would have had a better perspective of things around them, because that was the kind of person she was. It made me look at the whole book and question things that Jack did other then compl...

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