Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Destination Branding Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Destination Branding - Essay Example This essay stresses that the importance of destination branding experiment may be better comprehended by understanding what would occur if it were not undertaken. Lack of branding will lead to the lack of awareness that such a destination exists. It is this awareness that prompts him to entertain the idea of a vacation to that destination in the initial consideration. Lack of branding also leads to lack any uniqueness, cultural, emotional or any kind of association with the destination and constitutes a low motivation to be there. In the global competing arena, where the consumer is spoiled for choice and is bombarded by the various options, create a brand for the destination and its characteristics is the only way to lure visitors. This paper makes a conclusion that however spectacular the scenery, however famous the culture; however grand the history, the most important measure of any destination remains the reality of how visitors are treated and how they are made to feel. The most beautiful landscape in the world will not compensate for an inability to make a visitor or guest feel wanted, welcome and delighted. Above all, the tourist needs to know that there is destination that seems to beckon him, is a joy to visit and be pampered and taking a vacation there becomes a vision to him. In the global context, this visibility can only be achieved by building a destination brand and this seems no longer an option but a necessity to survive.

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