Saturday, September 28, 2019

Supervisory Skills Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Supervisory Skills - Research Paper Example The leader will act as a mentor, coach and teacher to gain support for meeting productive outcomes and performance targets. â€Å"Authentic relationships evolve over time† (Starnes, Truhon & McCarthy, 2010, p.5). Motivational problems can be overcome through more visible interaction in the management environment and by allowing decentralized decision-making to occur where solutions are provided horizontally rather than top-down. This will improve a sense of social belonging and remove layers of power distance that can de-motivate and also improve the self-esteem that leads to better enthusiasm in job role function. The long-term plan hinges on success in using transformational leadership design to gain commitment and improve motivation. Once establishing the foundation of a positive corporate culture built on knowledge-sharing and team function, as well as emphasis on human resources development, the Quality Control department will undergo sweeping changes related to total quality management. Each director will utilize a balanced scorecard to measure individual performance and the performance of production as well as research and development, which will be reported to the VP. The total quality management approach will consist of the Delphi Method, a qualitative forecasting tool involving multiple stakeholders in which solutions are brainstormed recurrently until new processes or systems needed for improvement are identified (Rowe & Wright, 1999). The Delphi Method will improve relationship development among colleagues, improve knowledge transfer, and open the doors for innovation by providing multitudes of solutions to improve quality and performance in each director’s division. This will further emphasize cultural development and improve competitive advantage in human capital among competing firms in this industry. Reorganization is required only in the factory line, which must be

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