Friday, September 13, 2019

Porter Novelli (Goldsmith) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Porter Novelli (Goldsmith) - Essay Example tion of a strategic approach which is associated with human recourse guarantees that a business organization’s employees, various skills, operational programs and abilities contribute to the attainment of its organizational goal. Benchmarking is a widely accepted and innovative technical method in the field of business marketing. Marketing professionals often remarked that the process of bench marking is one of the successful tools of marketing. Bench marking is helps to reduce the over growth of costs and it also improves the productivity, integrated business processing and business marketing. At present organizational experts used bench marking is an effective tool for comparing the performance of employees and policies. It is also used as an important test to evaluate the presentation of unconventional tools or all business techniques. Bench marking is helpful for both managements and employees to understand more about innovative business policies and techniques. Bench marking includes various processes such as productivity, cost, time, evaluation, policy making and exestuation etc. Continuous and comprehensive evaluation of all business techniques and strategies are possible through this technique. One can understand the fact that bench marking clearly explains the relation of particular organizational standards in business marketing. And it also determines the performance standards for leadership. Talent management has been regarded as a process for developing and integrating new workers. It also extends its hands to the development of current workers and attracting new workers talented workers for the well being of a company. Different studies have documented Talent Management as the one identifying, selecting, and cultivating Superkeepers. Superkeepers are employees who have demonstrated superior performance, who have inspired others to achieve superior performance, and who embody the core competencies of the organization (Berger, 2004). Rob Silzer &

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