Thursday, September 26, 2019

Freedom Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Freedom - Essay Example As a lawyer, John also had an impact in his hometown where he presided over the other lawyers as the Lord of Suffolk; however, it was not until 1629 when he decided to join the Massachusetts Bay Company after the king initiated the suppression of unconventional religion. Nonetheless, he figured out that the only way he could make an impact was if he was part of the government, leading to his election as the governor (Winthrop, 1). Appreciably, the dictatorial atmosphere in government and religion has a vast impact on the neighbors of Massachusetts; naturally, the formation of most of them resulted from the act of rebellion from the people against the ruling of the elders. A few years before his death, Winthrop gave a speech in one of the major courts challenging the government to fighting corruption and upholding justice as a foundation for the general welfare for all the people. After his death, Jon, Winthrop’s son, discovered a journal that he had been keeping for twenty yea rs prior to his demise; nonetheless, this was among the many historical accounts that he put in writing and that have an impact on politicians in the modern world. Nathaniel Bacon’s opposition of William Berkley’s way of ruling led to the historical Bacon’s Rebellion, which was among the few that had powerful armory; however, Bacon’s basis for the rebellion is understandable especially with the disorganization and multiple criticisms about the administrative procedures ((Kelly, 1). Moreover, Berkley enforced restrictions on trade warning people against selling their commodities to neighboring communities. These were core motivators, especially after people tried consulting him on the matter without him reacting or upholding their rights. Led by Nathaniel, the people of Virginia armed themselves set to attacking Berkley and his people that he supported so much. Just like John Winthrop, Anne was also a

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