Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Case study Questions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Case study Questions - Essay Example Terra Firma gained a good reputation for providing some of the leading medical technology equipment in the world. The good reputation helped to increase their goodwill value of these firms. Another way that these customers benefitted was from the increasing profits due to high level of demand of their products. This was because of the efficiency that they got from Terra Firmas products. The products also used some little time to scan and get the results. In addition, they were cost effective. Beneficiaries such as patients who required some x rays paid little money for the services that used little time. Terra Firma is facing challenges in order to stay put in the market. Just as the firm perceived its operation to be ongoing in the right direction, it has faced a number of challenges. One thing that the company has realized is that the router nose-dives once it is overfed with connection request packets, which prompts a chain of response that has led to botch of both primary and secondary network switches in the main data center. Another challenge that Terra Firma is facing in order to stay put in the market is the challenge of testing its products. Since its shift to medical software development, the company has been experiencing this challenge. This is because it requires people to be tested therefore, providing a bigger challenge to the firm. The other challenge is bringing back online the missing log files, corrupted database tables, and inconsistent application data. These challenges requires weeks of dreary effort and execution of manual recovery procedures. One of the goals of the company is to have a worldwide reach in order to gain a large market share. The strategy Terra Firma has put forth is to open as many branches as it could in order to gain the global reach. As a result, Terra Firma has opened branches in countries such as US, UK, japan, Germany, Australia and Singapore. Terra firma

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