Saturday, August 10, 2019

The management challenges posed by the emergence of e-commerce Essay

The management challenges posed by the emergence of e-commerce - Essay Example Some of the most common examples are as follows: online buying, selling or investing; share business; electronic marketplaces like or online auctions like; e-bookstores and e-grocers; web-based reservation systems and ticket purchasing; electronic data interchange or marketing email and message postings on web-logs; music and video downloads; online discussion boards and learning facilities; open source projects; online banking or the electronic funds transfer, supply chain management, etc. Today, as each one of us knows technology is breaking through geographical barriers and distance, integrating the whole world into an interconnected village. The term global village is a commonly used metaphor to describe the mass media particularly the Internet and World Wide Web. This is only possible because of the inter-connectivity which is brought about by e-commerce. The Internet globalises communication by providing opportunity to people from around the world to connect with each other. Likewise, web-connected computers enable people to link their web sites together (, 2008). An innovative medium of Internet has connected the whole world very closely. A person in America writes a mail and in less than a minute it reaches to someone in China. Similarly chats and web cam has made it possible to see people on the other side of the world and talk as if you were sitting next to each other (Sanchania, 2005). It took only a few years for these technological innovations spread across the world. Anyone having access to internet can communicate, shop, and even use internet banking system. The new world of internet provides information on anything to anyone who has access to a computer and a telephone. People can see each other, chat and talk as if they are physically present. As far as communication and the dissemination of information is

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