Sunday, August 11, 2019

Organizational behavior Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words - 1

Organizational behavior - Essay Example This gives the individual participators a sense of personal achievement (Heller, 1999). In addition, competent persons who can perform irrespective of absence of effective leadership can reach higher heights if there is effective leadership to guide and motivate them. Bright ideas, best interest, and sound business knowledge are key ingredients to a successful business, but these are not enough. Effective leadership is required to bring people together with an aim to achieve common goals of the organization (, 2014). Effective leadership is inevitable for making things happen in the consistently changing market dynamics. An organization must invest in effective leadership in order to remain relevant in a business environment with ever changing competition, profile of people joining the organization, legal, political, and social-cultural environment (Stanfielf, 2009). In addition, organizations face challenges that are specific to them. Strategies need to be developed to deal with these challenges. Effective leadership is fundamental in the formulation of appropriate strategies and implementation of these strategies to propel organizations in the right direction. If there are two teams of equal competence, but one team lacks effective leadership, the team with effective leadership will certainly win over the team that lacks effective leadership (Adair, 1983).Effective leadership at all levels of an organization increases the chances of survival of an organization. It also enables to sustain the g rowth of the organization and realization of organization’s full capacity (Fenimore and Nirenberg, 2004) Effective leadership is characterized with empowerment of employees through inclusion in decision-making, enhanced communication and consideration of individual needs and rights of the employees. The subsequent effect of effective leadership is enhanced employees commitment to the

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