Thursday, August 15, 2019

Education and Method Essay

Submitted By Wamia Akhtar (111011142) Fowzia Morshed (102011133) Rubia Khatun Rubi (113011002) Zannatul Ferdous Bristy (103011202) Nusrat Jahan Jebin (103011156) Research subject: Teaching Method Concept: Learning Process Constructs: * Traditional Classroom teaching * Active Learning Methods * Teaching with Instruments * Teaching Through Tour * Teaching By Creating Pressure Questions: * Traditional Classroom Teaching 1. What system has been followed for traditional teaching? 2. What elements are used in this teaching method? 3. How the traditional teaching has been given? 4. Is it a time sufficient method 5. Can students maintain direct interaction with teacher? 6. Can it make good bonding among the students? 7. How it can be a motivated method for students? 8. Can it create general competitive nature in students? 9. Do you think it pressurize the students to do hard work? 10. Do you think it bring good results for students? 11. Is it interesting or not? 12. Do you think resuming text books are enough? 13. Is it a memorizing based method? 14. Do you find this helpful? 15. Do you feel it is an old system of teaching? 16. Can you relate teaching concepts with real facts? 17. Do you find it challenging? 18. Is it a lengthy process? 19. What kind of preparation you need to take for assuming this method? 20. Do you feel active with this process? * Active Learning Method 1. Do you find group working helpful? 2. Is it a more practical based process of teaching? 3. Can students be involved physically in this process? 4. Is it easy to learn in this way? 5. Are students getting dependent on the course teacher? 6. Do you find this method interesting? 7. Is it an internationally recognized system? 8. Is it helpful for enriching conceptual thoughts? 9. Do you think it creates a distance between you and the books? 10. Is it a stressful method? 11. Do you find it more helpful for making good results? 12. Is it a modern process? 13. Is it saves your time? 14. Can you enjoying the learning through this method? 15. Do you find it easy? 16. Can you reach personally to all technical tools? 17. Do you feel necessity of practicing at home? 18. How you handle this technique of teaching? 19. Is it important for students to be presented all time? 20. Do you find it as short cut? * Teaching With Instruments 1. Are all materials easily findable? 2. Are the materials easy to use for all? 3. How much helpful is the method? 4. Is it a time saving process? 5. Is it a practical based method? 6. Is it a time saving process? 7. In this method of teaching how many times you need to come to the classroom? 8. What kind of role a teacher plays in this method? 9. How often you need to use your text books? 10. Are students enjoying lerning like this? * Learning Under Pressure 1. Do you find teaching with forceful tendency is good? 2. Is it makes you do better result? 3. What kind of difficulties usually you faces? 4. Is it an old form of teaching? 5. How many students can make better result in this method? 6. Do you think teachers work more harder than a student in this method? 7. How much pressure you can handle at a time? 8. Hwo much pressure of study you feel at home? * Learning Through Tour 1. How learning through tour has been worked? 2. How students are participating here? 3. What is the teacher’s role here? 4. Do you find any practical experience by this? 5. Because it is not a classroom based method, how you manage to study by touring? 6. Do you appreciate this system? 7. How students manage their time for this? 8. Is it an internationally recognized system? 9. How many tours you have to join? 10. Is it helpful for making better result?

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