Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Discussion Topic Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Discussion Topic - Essay Example If you havent already memorized them, they are: Objective, Offensive, and Mass, Economy of Force, Maneuver, Unity of Command, Security, Surprise and Simplicity. To what extent, if any, do Chinese views follow or depart from the modern principles, and why?   Your opinions are welcome, but back them up with evidence. Sun-Tzu was talking about strategy as contained in his book The Art of War. The writing that says â€Å"the army is established by deceit, moves for advantage, and changes through segmenting and reuniting† must not be taken literally. Sun-Tzu was talking metaphorically. By deceit, he meant the confidentiality and secrecy character of a military organization. A military organization’s objective is to win war wars not to be honest. Divulging one’s military capability blunts its capacity for offensive. One must not be â€Å"truthful† or â€Å"candid† about the status of its military otherwise the enemy would plan against it and could easily defeat it. By â€Å"moves for advantage, and changes through segmenting and reuniting† just meant that a military organization adapts to a situation or its maneuverability by regrouping and when he mentioned â€Å"its speed is like the wind, its slowness like the forest; its invasion and plundering like a f ire; unmoving it is like the mountains. It is as difficult to know as the darkness; in movement it is like thunder", Sun-Tzu merely described the offensive capability of a military organization through a unified command. These Chinese views about military tactics and strategies may sound ancient but is still actually present in today’s military tactics. Sun-Tzu just talked the language of his day but he actually talked about â€Å"classified nature of the military†, regrouping, organization, timing of attack and speedy response of military action. Much of military strategy and tactics today   are derived from the principles of Sun-Tzu

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