Friday, August 9, 2019

English class Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 6

English class - Essay Example Thus, the article finds that a general apprehension exists that video games cause violent behavior in children. However, the article challenges this contention as it does not seem tenable, though it concedes to the notion that to a certain extent, video games may impact children’s behavior. The article focuses on the premise that video games contain a lot of violence, bloodshed, objectification of females and sexual content. However, it emphasizes a more significant concern that viewing experience in the media, in terms of audio visual components, are â€Å"extraordinarily life like, and these effects can be particularly striking in violent games† (1). It also concedes to the fact that despite the existence of rating systems by the ESRB, children disregard the classification and even those below 13 years watch the content that is permissible to those in the age group of 17. The article also refers to research studies that â€Å"lend credence to concerns about the impact of violent video games† (3). However, this does not prove that games such as GTA cause violent behavior in children. The article, further, challenges this concept by arguing that there is â€Å"little or no evidence to support any of these theories† which purport that violence in th e video games such as GTA can provoke violent behavior in children (2). I believe that exposure to violent media or video games alone cannot make children to indulge in violent behavior. My research premise is based on the concept that many factors such as genetic framework, social circumstances, psychological reasons etc cause violent behaviors in humans. Therefore, children who possess any such specific traits or who remain exposed to any of the causative elements, stand the chance of displaying violent behavior. I do not agree with the evidence based on a study among 1254 students, which indicates that violent games cause aggression in children. It claims that those who play games are â€Å"more likely than their

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